søndag 13. september 2015

I'm awake now, finally!

Back home again! Have been sleeping well, thank you, and feel good and ready to start do something useful. Soon.
Developing films tomorrow, or that's the plan anyway. Got a good bunch to get done, and just have to start. 

At the airport, going home.

Been around a wee bit today, taken a few snaps and things. Also did a small series on my way home from Shetland, quite excited to see the result from that roll. We'll see some time tomorrow, I guess. 

Painting the ceiling some time ago. Or my wife painted, I snapped a picture with that old dodgy Voigtländer. You know the one with the lousy timings and all. 

No, nothing new to show tonight. Sorry! Or, they might be newish to you, but they are old shots anyway. 
A couple of days now, and I will start to clear out the dark room area down in the basement. Loads of stuff that needs to be moved or go for good, and then I might get started to do some building. Also need to make sure the electrical stuff is getting sorted out before I can start. 

Norway. The ski jump in Holmenkollen, Oslo.

My wife is on the internet, checking out where to travel next. She's looking at the british isles, of course. We always seem to end up over there anyway, and we like the place a lot. Western Hebrides, Isle of Skye... you know the deal. I need to buy some film, it seems. 

Another one. Holmenkollen, Oslo, Norway.

Hope to have something more brand new, and maybe the time for some stories as well...
See you around!!

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