fredag 4. september 2015

A day in the life...

So. No begging for more gear talk, hence yesterdays post, so I will leave it for a while then. Which is just as well, I would say. After all it's the snapping, developing and printing and all that makes the great fun, not necessarily all the stuff needed to get the photos snapped. 

Not my ship at all folks! This is the norwegian coast liner, The Hurtigruten. Come try it some day for a shorter or longish trip. It travels all the way from Bergen in south to Kirkenes in the far, far north. 
Hey, that's up there next to the russians and such...!

So, that's another day done at sea for me then, or another day in paradise as we usually say out here. In quite a sarcastic tone, I have to pop in, just so anyone don't get the totally wrong idea and all. Not that it's a bad place to be, mind you, but got to say that it's going to be great to get back home soon. Do things I like to do, spend time with my family and friends, try to start some work on that darkroom and all. 
Anyway, a job is a job is a place you have to stay for some time during life, and that's just how it is. Some work more or less where they live, others have to travel a bit to get there, and then stay away for some time before they can get home. It's called life... at least for a sailor that's life.

The captain on the bridge telling some true story from real life... or probably not, to be fair. Anyway, it most likely was a good one. It usually is, I have to admit. I think this was snapped with one of those M's at some point quite a while ago. He looks the same today since you ask.

The weather starts to get worse out here now. It's been a great "summer" workvise, as there has not been many days we have been knocked out of work because of the weather. Not that I think it's been a nice summer at home! It's been very cold and one would hesitate to call it a summer at all, to be honest, but looking at the calendar we should have passed that time of year all the same. No good, if you ask me, which you do of course. 

I was out there, in fresh air on deck yesterday. It does not happen every day anymore, which means you have to do the best possible out of it when it happens. The reason for the walk was the two-weekly OMT safety walk, but nothing will be said here about any findings... if any was found, that is. 
I brought a camera though. So will be nice to see if I get any good ones from the short round of the vessel. We were in the engine room and everywhere you see. Long shuttertimes needed down there when bringing my oldest german rangefinder with FP4 film inside. I got a few ones from a similar walk some time ago as well. You better have a look at them in the meantime, as the new ones will not see the light of day in some time yet. I'm a bit short on darkroom facilities on board the ship, you see.

Looking for bad stuff, found some! I don't really know what the hassle and fuzz was all about, but something there was for sure. The client has his own ways of seing things, you see. Very rare eyes that man. True story!

Findings found! Let's put them into our notebooks, both of us! These walks are great fun you can probably imagine?! No wonder I look so much forward to them. Well, at least you get some fresh air out of them.

Meanwhile in the engine control room...

Now you may think that it's all just fun and fortune and glory on board! No way! We sometimes have to do work as well. Real greasy and dirty engineer work that is. I post nothing of that today though. There may be someone not able to cope with such for some reason. Anyway, I don't think I got any snaps of such character either to be honest. Need to get some done at some point maybe. 
I'm here if there's something you feel you have to ask questions about. Just let me know down below :)

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