lørdag 26. september 2015

Ona, the essentials

As promised in yesterdays post I had a kind of vision and urge to try capture some of the essentials or typical stuff from the small island during the days of my last visit out there.
You may wonder what that's all about, and I'll put it as simple as I can. 

Don't know what to say about these actually. Good old masterpieces snapped using a worn out Mamiya RZ67, directly onto paper. And they are all part of a small project from last week around the theme of poles, cables and copper... And that's it, for now.

Power to the people, and good old fashion creosote impregnated poles totally randomly spread around all over the shop. That's it, to be honest. That's more or less at least the one thing that I recon is one of the most important stuff out here, at least from a photographers point of view. It is simply impossible to get any snap at all done if your intention is to leave all cables and poles out of the way. OK, maybe the electronic picturing people can manage after some time of heavy editing on their pooters. But me, not!

Double exposure. Planned, this time!

Since you ask, these are all snaps done directly onto good old Agfa Brovida paper, just as in my last post, in case you missed that one. All masterpieces, as you probably certainly will discover.

I have been working with film all day, as you might expect. Developing that is, or just duly washed them in good old Dodinal and D-76 as it happens. You will see some results around here some day if you keep coming back. They don't look to bad seen through my aging eyes putting the negatives towards a half clean window, but I guess they will get back to some kind of "normal" state as soon as I run the blueish scanner light around them at some point.

Just back from upstairs after loading what I thought was the last roll of film onto a spool to get it developed. Hah... as I was grabbing for my can opener inside the box hidden deep in the back of one of my shelves up there, out of the same very box came another 12 rolls of undeveloped film falling. It's the same never ending story to tell you the truth, as one does. 
So much for that proud feeling when I think I only got one more roll to get through. Worst thing was that these 12 rolls are in addition to the slowly increasing amount of color rolls, and the four rolls of Delta 3200 I have still to decide how to wash to get the best out of them.
Well... I threw them in again. All 12 of them! Need to take care of them some other day, as this is it for today. 
Six rolls of 120 film, and a single roll of 135 format HP5+ is hanging from the roof drying as I write. How's that for a good days work, I have to ask?!

Now over to the fun stuff, as I need to go out and climb a ladder to get things out of the drains from the roof. Leaves, moss and what have you all, stuck up and water flowing all over the property. Some great good old rain at the moment I can inform you. 
It will stop someday, though.

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