fredag 16. desember 2016

Where did all those days disappear?

Still stuck on board the ship, and the ship is still stuck at the same place inside that narrow fjord as it was the last time I wrote a few words for this little blog of mine. 
I thought I might get the time to write a bit after the yardstay, to be honest, but that just did not happen. Busy all days and totally worn out in the evenings is not the best recipie to get that sort of things done. 
Today I had to get some parts from a couple of our engines delivered to a workshop a few hours drive from where we are at the moment. That was a nice break, to be honest. Don't expect any snaps, though, because it was all business and none of the other stuff. Didn't even bring a decent camera as there's no daylight bright enough in the afternoon at this time of year. Didn't have a second to loose either, as I had to be down south before 4 pm. I made it, with a 4 minutes margin, so that was a close enough race actually. Nice trip, though!

This? Oh, it's from York, believe it or not. It's The Ghost, or the ghost walk storyteller, or whatever. It comes from the Diana F+ and has been with me for a while. I might have posted it some time before, but I have totally lost track of everything. It was a great night over there, but my wife's nerves really got the most of her in the end... because of the annoying clicking sound of the film winding wheel on this camera :))

Had one of those bad days at work again today. You know the sorts, I guess. This time it was the mess... or A mess in The Mess, to put it the right way. Full of water after washing, preparing food and whatever they do up there. And I mean full of water! Nothing went down the drain, which is my departments responsibility... of course. 
And with all the other engineers busy with their own tasks I just could not find any excuse to give that job to someone else at the time... so just had to go find the tools and give it a go.
After a lot of climbing in extremely steep ladders, fumbling with wrenches and what have we, I finally got showered in about 1000 litres of lovely waste water of the smelly type. Weird feeling even though you know it's going to happen at some point. On the 9'th row on the ladder it's nothing else to do than just hold on to the thing, keep your head away from the worst and hold on to the small piece of the world you got a grip on. 
Then you have to clean the clogged valve when all the water has drained from the pipe, and put it all back together.
Then you have to shower, for a long time in some clean water. A very long time, believe me!

Apart from that it's been a nice day.

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  1. Ah Roy that is not a pretty picture you paint there mate, stuck halfway up a ladder with all that coming down and you holding on for dear life. Not good. I sincerely hope you have recovered with no ill-effects.

    Where's the Junior Apprentice when you need one, eh? :)

    And really great snap...looks suitably ghostly to my eyes.

    1. The Junior Apprentice was away on other important business at the time, just as all the other good guys in my staff... so what else can you possibly do other than try to deal with the ugly stuff on your own?
      Strange thing is that all of them seemed to show up just at the "right time" to get a few glimpses of what was going on towards the end of everything...
      Well, I feel a lot better now, thank you :)


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