lørdag 24. desember 2016

At the quayside

Just had to go for a short walk. I guess you know the feeling when you feel like you've been imprisoned without any chance to get out, but all of a sudden find some kind of way to get out anyway? Not? Well, it was a good feeling, just saying.
Went for a short walk, as it happens, in rain, wind, snow, sun, crazy cold weather. Oh, and darkness, at least most of the time. As you see I mentioned the sun, but that thing was on for a very brief moment only. But it was there for sure. But the rest of the time was more or less darkness. 
I brought a camera, believe it or not! You see I loaded the Nikon F3 thing with a film a few days ago, and I did so with the most stupid film one could ever imagine putting inside a camera at this time of year over here in Norway. 
A roll of Kodak T-Max 100, as it happens. I mean what on earth was I thinking, if I ever did any thinking at all, that is. 
Anyway, I spotted a few glimpses of light scattered around in the more or less pinch black clouds up there, and decided to bring the old camera out to hopefully snap the whole film away to get rid of it once and for all. 
Observant readers of this blog would have found out some time ago that the D and T grain films are not among my favourites in the first place, so how did this roll find it's way into my camera at all... you might ask. The answer is quite easy, as it's a handover thing I got a while ago when buying a few rolls of some other stuff. It came for free, and today I snapped it up just the way you do when things come for free. Easy come, easy go type of thing... as you probably know. 

Couple of years ago, but I stil kind of like this one from a beach over in old northern England. Diana F+ on what I think might be some HP5 film, or maybe something else.

It's Christmas Eve, as you all know, and the big day over here in Norway and a few other scandinavian countries. This is the day the kids are looking forward to all year, and here we are sitting inside this big ship at the same place as we've been sitting for a few weeks now. Quite boring, as you might guess, but we can't get away. And it's our job, and what we signed up for... so can't start a big argue about those facts.
Anyway, I'm off for the Christmas dinner very soon, and just like to wish all my readers and everyone else a Merry Christmas. Take care, all of you, and stay safe through all the weather and what have we all coming our way for the next few days. 

The old St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall and a celtic cross. It's yuletide, folks, and I wish you all lots of piece and love together with family and friends in the days to come.

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  1. A bit late on commenting, Roy but I hope you had as good a Christmas as possible given your situation!

    1. Thanks a lot mate! And yes, given the situation and all it was a quite nice Christmas I have to say. Boring and quiet, but nice enough. Luckily I was in the possession of a couple of books, so that helped me a bit on the way.
      I'm home now, finally, which helps even more to be honest :))


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