søndag 25. desember 2016

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I have been fumbling and stumbling around to hopefully find a few great words to write about the old Nikon FM2 camera lately. I like old cameras as you probably know, but I'm still not into photography because of the cameras if you see what I mean? I'm into it because of a real wish to hopefully make a couple of great snaps some day, whenever that might be. 

But I like cameras, as you can find out by looking at other posts around this blog, and I sometimes feel like writing a word or two about a few of them just in case there's somebody out there looking for answers on questions and such. Not that they will find any clear answers inside my posts, of course, but maybe there's something in there anyway. Something useful to a soul or two. I mean, who knows after all?

So I wrote this thing, which you can also find by following the link somewhere on the left side on the frontpage of my blog. Should be up there somewhere, anyway... It's probably nothing like the best piece ever written about this camera, but at least it's my own words and how I'm seeing this useful snapper of great moments. 

I just think it's best to keep that camera bla bla away from the blog itself, at least in my case. For some it works to blend it all in, for me not.
All them electronically collected photons and what have we all inside those pages... they just don't seem to fit in, somehow. 
I try to stay way away from the technical and boring stuff, anyway. If that's what your after, specs and stuff, look elsewhere! 
You are hereby warned :)

This was definately not made by some electronically collected photons, mind you! I shone some of the visible reflections of light returning from the beautiful daughter through an old Color Skopar lens permanently attached to my fathers old Voigtländer Vito B at some point. Further as a result of the very moody shutter on that thing going totally bananas, this was the result I had coming from the film after it had been sloshed around in some kind of developer for a while. I like it, believe it or not...

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  1. It's New Year's eve, so I just wanted to wish you well for your 365 project.
    It's a a marathon, not a sprint, and I hope you are still enjoying the project this time next year.

    1. Thank you very much for that, John!
      We will see as the days and months goes by, as we know. I would usually not have a problem taking a snap each day, but the challenge will probably be to do something interesting and fresh all the time. This far I have failed doing so, but I might get better at it as the days goes by. We will find out some time, I guess :))

  2. I can see why you like it, Roy - very different and moody, like the shutter :)

    1. Just like the shutter for sure!
      Thank you, Michael :))


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