lørdag 10. desember 2016

It's that day, again (written days ago, never posted...)

I found this post lingering inside my blog just now. It seems I wrote the words the day before I went to work, a week and a half ago.
Well, I went to work and have been very busy working since I went there. I will tell you more about that in my next post. Seems like I will get some time to get things like that done during the next days and weeks. 
So, just let's see what I wrote Wednesday, one and a half week ago...

Last day at home for now. I'm just walking around inside my own self to try figure out what to bring and not to bring for this trip. It seems like this one is going to be a bit different, as it will start off with a yard stay a bit south of Bergen, Norway. If everything goes as planned we will probably go for sea trials and tests of engines and a lot of other stuff, yearly DP trials and a bunch of other things. Then we probably will be laid up for the rest of the trip just waiting for new year to come and more work to be done at sea some time in January. At least that's what we all hope for right now.

Something I found inside a scanning folder on my computer just now. It's a positive slides snap from back in the mid 90's of the lighthouse at Veiholmen in Norway. The lighthouse is called "Haugjegla" and can be seen if you move yourself over to this area...

That will mean I'm getting Christmas away from home, again. I was actually due for Christmas at home this year, but with this new 4 weeks on and 8 off happening from time to time it was all mixed up and thrown around a couple of months ago. That will mean that in the last ten years I've only been at home for two Christmas celebrations, and that's a few too little if you ask me. You might hear something similar if you ask my wife and my kids and those sorts. OK, the kids are not exactly small kids anymore, but anyway.
Well, I suppose we will get over this one as well, but it's a strange thing that some has to go away during this time of year a lot more often than other people within the same company. I guess it just means that some have had more holidays at home than being out at work for the last ten years, and it just don't sound quite fair.

From the same film as the one above. Could be Ektachrome or something, but I'm not absolutely sure about it. Same place as above, but in the opposite direction. It's the brother and sister, my two elder kids, now 23 and 25 years old. Hand in hand... which did not happen too often back then!

Enough about that for now.
It's the dark part of the year. I was thinking about taking a walk out some time today just to see if something should have been glued to some film, but when the light was supposed to be at it's "brightest" the rain and snow (in a great mix) was really at it's very peak so I called the plans off. Now it's 15.30 in the afternoon, and very close to complete darkness. Pinch black in about half an hour I would guess. That means no great light for snapping anything at all, I would say.
I still got a few frames left on the last film I threw inside the F3 some days ago. I think I loaded it while still at Ona, so might be a week old or something. I may just as well bring the whole thing to work, camera and everything. 
See you all whenever I get the chance to post something again :)

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