tirsdag 21. juni 2016

There's plenty of them around here

The houses on stilts I mean... down by the sea at the old coast of Norway.
This is a special type, as they used to hang the fishing nets inside them to wash them in fresh water then leave them to dry off until next time they would be used. 
You will find them all over the place, but not in the same amount as 50 years ago. This one is located in a very sheltered area for the sea, but the wind will be hammering quite roughly onto the thing during wintertime. The walls up there are built with obvious gaps to let the wind through, probably to let the pressure a bit off the construction, and at the same time get the moisture out as the net dries. I'm not an expert, as you might understand. 

I snapped this years ago, only for documenting purposes I would think. 50 years from now you will not find too many of them, and that's just a fact. These buildings are not used for hanging nets anymore, because these days there's not too much fishing going on anyway, and those who do make their living from fishing will use modern nets not in the need of any special care like washing and drying in houses on stilts. 

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  1. I like it. Another interesting snap Roy. I'm sure too that not too many of those structures will be around much longer. I'm not even sure there will by fish around much longer, but that's another story for another day. I hesitate to mention the EU fishing policies, which are a Big Thing over here in Ireland&UK. We send most of our fish to Spain, which seems crazy. All that sea around us and no-one seems to want the produce. Meat and potatoes is what people in Ireland seem to want. Meat and potatoes.


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