søndag 5. juni 2016

There's heat coming from above!

Sunday, and my day off. Well, only on the paper of course. It's a wish you got, from time to time, that your day off is going to be just that. I don't see that happen until I'm on my way home from here to be honest. There's too much stuff going on everywhere to just call off and get away for a few hours. 

You can believe it, or just let it be, but it's way too warm over here these days. The ship gets heated up to unbelievable temperatures through the day, making it more or less impossible to get any decent sleep done. 

The engineers washing a seawater cooler some time around two years ago. I should know, as these things come up for cleaning one time every year, and I know for sure that these two guys did not do it a year ago. I also know that we did the same job just a couple of days ago, which would indicate this was more or less exactly two years ago. Clever, huh? Oh yes, it's film. No idea which type, or which camera or anything else, of course. It's a long time since this happened, you know. 

Starting on my last full week tomorrow morning, which I have to say feels quite good. One more weekend to go, then I'm going home on thursday the next week. 
But there are things to get done before I get that far, mind you, so you will have to read a bit more about this bla bla I'm afraid. 
The helicopter deck is slowly coming together, piece by piece. They had to stop the job at some point today though, as one or many of the neighbours obviously didn't like the fact that we used the sunday for working. The police showed up and all... and they were not as polite as the police in Kirkwall. I can tell you that much!
They were not asking for the chief engineer anyway, so I was rather calm about the whole thing. I did not snap them up though...

Same day, same engineers, same cooler and the same pressure washer in use. And the same photographer using the very same camera as the snap above. It was on the same strip of film, as you might have figured out long time ago. It's wet work, cleaning the coolers. But they will get some hot coffee when their done wetting themselves. 

Sure, I know. I should get to bed. It got fairly late yesterday, and I can surely feel I'm not 20 anymore. Sleepy as heck, I am. I will do something about just that, quite soon. Just have to post this thing first. 
Cool snaps, huh??

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