mandag 20. juni 2016


It takes a few days sometimes. To recover from a couple of weeks working more or less around the clock giving you nothing else than a stiff neck, an aching back and sore muscles. The money is the same, so that's definitely not a reason to put all that effort in. Neither will anyone walk up to you one day and tell you how pleased they are for all the energy you put into things at work. Neither will the same people ever mention all the bad decisions and wrong things you did... so that might be both positive and negative, I guess. 
Anyway, I put it on the account of Pride. It's all about how you feel inside yourself when the day is done and you go to rest. 

In a few days, a little bit later this week, I will be out here on this small island called Ona. It will be different to when I snapped this one, because in the summertime there will be a lot of noisy people out there. Other times of the year is more quiet, just like this day. This one's for Michael, as he likes to see our small houses on stilts :) Sometimes the sea reach well into the internals of this house, as one quite well can imagine. I guess they just sweep it all out and carry on after the tide has gone out. It used to be a boat house, but these days someone has converted it into some sort of cottage. I don't think I could sleep very well in there during the winter storms...

Been at home for a few days now, and feel that I can start functioning again. Ever so slowly.
I have even been out for a couple of walks, but not yet with a camera in hand. Things take time, you know. I have made a couple of plans, though, so maybe some day soon. 

To get there, out to Ona, one would be in the need of getting on board a couple of ferries. This would be the first one. Or, in fact this is one of the two ferries crossing this part of the sea. It will take you to the island called Harøya, and from there you would need to drive even further towards the old Norwegian Sea to get to the last ferry. I know, I know... it's an odd snap of a ferry, but was the best I could do on this day a few years ago.  It's on film, of course. I think I like it because of that grating up there... It's just another weird thing I got. 

I'm at the cottage at the moment. Charging my batteries, as you need from time to time. Sitting outside in the nice summer weather just letting the old sun warm me up, listening to the sea making summery sounds come to life a few yards away. Calms me down, it does. And that's just what I seem to need, right now.

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