tirsdag 14. juni 2016

Long time no see, I know

It's been all about work lately, as you might suspected?!
It turned out we were getting quite behind schedual as the days went on without getting the parts back from here and there. Huge charge air coolers and stuff that we had to ship away to get them cleaned, as that's not a job you would be able to do onboard anyway. Need to have special washing machines and things, as you might know. Ultrasound and what have we all inside them machines, I've heared.

I brought a Mamiya RZ67 for a nice walk a few years ago around the outskirts of Kirkwall, Orkney. Found this very decayed farmhouse and a couple of outbuildings scattered around inside a bunch of trees. I had the 37 mm very wide glass attached, as you might also see from the results. Well, it's snaps, at least... on film you know. Medium format even.

Well... then you just have to really start working when you finally get the chance. The ship is due off on friday, so it's about time we start to get a few things put together I would say. 
Then, of course, sort of disaster strikes. Discovered huge trouble on one of the engines, and a lot of things had to be done quite quickly. Cracked pistons is nothing you would like to have flying around inside the engine room, I can tell you. I have seen that happen once, and I surely would rather not like to see it once more.
A cracked piston, and we actually discovered the tiny thing before something bad happened. I call that either luck or some very qualified work. 

Another one, from inside one of them outbuildings. Seems to have been used as some sort of workshop some time ago. The car is gone though. Only the aft silencer and a couple of wheels left of the thing, it seems. It's got a lightleak as well, you see. 

Anyway, that only meant that we had a diesel engine huge as a small cottage to bring apart and put together as well, but with no added time to get the job done. 
I will probably not be taken for exaggerating the terms when I tell you my crew really start to feel every muscle in their bodies when they go to bed.
Luckily, there's only one more day of work now before we leave it to a bunch of fresh lads coming on thursday morning. 

It will be nice to see them come on board, believe me.

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  1. Good to have you back in blog-land, Roy. Sounds like you avoided a big problem with that bad piston - that was a good spot, methinks. All work and no play for a few days then, eh? You'll be ready for the break when it comes on Thursday, I'm sure.

    I love that first snap, by the way. Another good spot I would say.


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