tirsdag 7. juni 2016

Festival on it's way, apparently

Another day at work should be done then. Finally.
You probably know the feeling already, when you got this amazingly long list of stuff that absolutely need to be done within a certain timeframe and in the start you seem to have plenty of time to get the things done. Then you, for some reason, ends up doing a zillion other things instead. Serving other people to make them able to get their things done before the time is out... and at the same time your own list of stuff to do is certainly not getting any shorter at all. Rather more the opposite like, because someone will find new stuff hidden. Things you will have to deal with at some point. 
I am right there, right now. Getting disturbed from all kinds of directions. Today it was the class company wanting a full day of my time. The class company would be the bunch of guys doing the MOT kind of check on the vessel. A check that will take the best parts of three full days, usually. Yearly stuff, of course... but it always seem to fit very badly in with my planning. 
Well, the same company will need my full attention tomorrow as well, because then they want to check that I'm able to do certain checks myself, without having to call the class company to take certain (quite simple) checks. 
It's more about the paperwork side of it, as more or less anything will be these days, and less about the practical side of things. I suppose they would think I'm able to do the checks just as good as they would do. I think I would, to be honest, as I have seen these guys in action. But then again, who could check a million things very closely within just a few hours? You would need super eyes, I think. So they will need to go by the spot-check method. A little bit different to have the time to check everything a bit better, as I might would be able to do. 
So, exam tomorrow morning then... but first I need to find out what he might ask me about! I got a few clues, but then again you never know with these guys. 
So I hope you will cross fingers for me. I have no intention to do this a lot of times the next few months!

I found this scene over there in Kirkwall a couple of years back. Wasn't very hard to find either, I have to admit. I was at work over there back then. Days with a different urge to them than the ones I am going through at the moment. But very well, they will soon be done as I'm due to travel home in just a little bit more than a week from now. I think I will rather enjoy the feeling!

Did I mention the upcoming viking festival a few days ago? Probably not, but it will happen over there in the area around the church with the doomsday stone more or less glued up against it's wall.
I might need to load a film into the black rangefinder and pad over for a good look at things at some point. 
A full bunch of people intending to become vikings for the next few days unloaded their vans just on this very quayside today. Unfortunately I did not have the time to watch them for a long time, and absolutely no time to take any snaps of the fun that unfolded in front of my eyes. 
They loaded a massive dung of supplies onto the deck of a boat which took them over to the small island where the festival will take place this weekend. I might take a stroll over there some time tomorrow if the weather is a bit on the nice side. I might get a few snaps of something, with a bit of luck anyway. At least I still got a couple of 135 films somewhere. HP5 and Tri-X I think. There's nothing left to load the Rolleiflex with, but OK... I will need to make it without the help from that black box then. 

Hey, look what I found on one of them hard drives. A decent snap of the cottage by the sea stuck on film and all. I know, I know... looks a bit messy right here, but then it was snapped during building the thing. These days there's even a very, very tiny outbuilding there to the left, and a rather nice deck and all outside from the door towards the sea. I might even post another one at some point. 

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  1. Fingers are crossed Roy - hope you pass your exams with flying colours mate. I'm sure you will, being Chief and all.

    The cottage looks like it is in amazing spot. We already knew that from the earlier snaps, of course, but nice to see it for real. I'm sure it's a good place to de-stress from being too hot below deck. Well, once you have the cottage deck finished, that is :) then you can sit out on it with a cold beer and feel at peace with the world, just watching those big old lumps of rock across the water there. And take the odd snap, of course.

    1. Examination went very well, thank you Michael. Not too hard that one, so I guess they just want you to pass no matter what ;-)
      As for the outside cottage deck it's finished now, or at least this last part of it. There will be more to come in the future, but need some time to think it all through before building starts.


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