torsdag 29. oktober 2015

The weather, revisited

What else would there be to talk about, actually? Being out at sea and all. Everything is down to the weather, and it's all that counts. Right now it's shite, just to put it straight the way it really is. Good, great westerly gales and stuff. Waves that comes with it and a heavily rolling ship that of course comes with the waves. 
Nothing good to see in the forecast either, because we seem to get good weather around the date I was supposed to go home, which probably means that we have to stay a few extra days on board just because the client don't want us to go ashore when the weather is good... can't loose a great opportunity, you know :))

It's soon enough this time of year, again. Snowy things randomly flying around in the air and all sorts. 
Better get home sooner rather than later to get some good old printing done, or something like that. Creep into a dark room and make something to put on someones wall. That would be nice.

I'll be back with more as soon as I've got rid of this weather we're riding at the moment...

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  1. You have a good eye for a snap, Mr Karlsvig. That one certainly tells a story.


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