fredag 23. oktober 2015

A few words from these isles

After a few couple of rough and bad days at sea we finally went to port for a couple of days. Lerwick on Shetland for crew change and a few quite important parts and some stuff to be done and taken on board. Food and so on, probably... and water and other things. I know for a fact that something heavy to be placed on the seabed somewhere west of the island was also taken on board. 
What it is, and to what use it might be, I don't have a clue! It's made of steel pipes, or so it seems anyway.

This is a different kind of ship, just so you are warned. "Hurtigruten" is a traditional thing going along the coast of Norway from Bergen to the furthest north we can get, just by the russian border. Combined passanger and cargo ship. It's a nice round trip, but also an expensive one! This was snapped in my home town just as she was coming in to port. Mamiya RZ67.

Crew change day went into something good, by the way. The on coming captain brought his "old" camera for me to have!! It's a brand new modern thing though, prone to battery drainage and what could we possibly have all, me thinks. 
Canon as well... is the name of the plasticky thing. I have not owned anything Canon since my AE-1 some 20 years ago. 
Modern camera this new one is. From the mid 90's. EOS 500 is proudly printed on the front of the thing, so should be good for a couple of good snaps I would guess. 

A captain, and the previous owner of one Canon EOS 500 with two dead batteries, and two Sigma zoom lenses. He has been kind to the thing though, so managed to deliver the stuff for free, looking brand new and all. The camera that is... not the captain himself. He looked a bit used... 

It was, of course, dead upon arrival. Lucky as I am we were staying ashore last night, so I could have a good run up to the local Tesco to check their battery shelves for anything similar to the ones I picked out from the camera. They had loads of them up there, so I bought an extra set as well just in case. 

This has nothing to do with anything! It's just a nice model of a nice old norwegian cargo vessel wearing a good old gaff rig with cloths on and everything. Nice, isn't it?

Back on the ship I dropped a couple of new batteries inside, turned the thing on and got information lighten up inside the tiny viewfinder and on the atop display. Modern things huh...!
I also loaded a brand new Ilford FP4+ film inside the dark side of the thing, and shut the door. It seems like this is one of those mysterious machines that will first load all the film to the take-up spool first, and then load all the finished images into the canister as they are snapped. Probably a good thing if you find yourself managed to pop the door open by accident before all the film has been used. 

This is from my ship. I think I have posted this before, but I take the chance and do it again. Not all of my bunch of readers have laid their nice eyes on this masterpiece anyway I bet. It's from the back deck, cluttered as it is with all sorts of stuff going down on the seabed. Right now there's a whole lot more back there. Just to make you all updated and informed.

I had a lot more to say, but I think that has to come in another and different post. It was a lot of nonsense about what I think is imporant in a photo and things like that. I am not to sure I know what I'm talking about, so I might have to read that a couple of times before I put it out here. Can't make an even bigger fool of myself unless I have to, mind you!

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  1. I looked up the Hurtigruten and yes, expensive! But looks like interesting cruises too. I've been to Sweden a couple of times (I remember lots of trees and very murky light in the winter-time) but that's as far north as I've been.

    I've never heard of a camera winding the film backwards into the cassette, but it makes sense when you think about it - as long as those batteries are OK of course. Great pics Roy - keep them coming. The ones around your ships and platforms are very different and interesting.

  2. Sweeden is nothing like the western parishes of norway though :) They more or less got deep woods and not much open landscapes around that bit of the world. A little bit in the south end maybe, and here and there spread all over the country, but mostly woods and murky light. Nothing like here. You should come see us one day, you know :)

    The new camera seemed to work fine when I gave it a new set of batteries. Snaps still inside canister though, so hard to tell if it's any good yet. Will mix some developer one of the next days though, so stay tuned for some results from that modern thing with batteries and all.


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