mandag 12. oktober 2015

OK, this is a weird post. I see that now, looking at it in retrospect...

Good afternoon, or evening, or whatever time of day I may manage to get this out onto the wide webby thing. 

Ever seen this before? Don't know if I have posted it, or another version of it somewhere around here at some point?! Anyway, I went this way a few years ago with one or two cameras, and duly made a few different notes of it. I will follow the development of this building for the next 20 years or so, just to see what happens to it. I kind of like it, and that lonely tree that seems to have grown into it's backside somehow. Probably done using some manual Nikon... FM2 would be the hottest suggestion.

I had a kind of plan, to write something useful about photography in some way. I never got that far. Partly because there has been a few issues on board lately. Things one have to take care of and what have you all. And partly because I did not know where and how to get started. I had a few ideas a week or so ago, but they seemed to just slide away and vanish somewhere. 

You must have seen this before, I guess? Good thing is that a Masterpiece can not be posted to often. I just love these roadsigns for some reason. I don't know what it is about them, other than the immediate throwback I get from my childhood years. It's probably that simple. They bring memories to my head. This snap was not done using any "M" camera, mind you, even though that probably would be appropriate. A manual one yes for sure, but a big chuncky Mamiya this time.

I actually bought a few cameras today, believe it or not. Very cheap stuff, mind you, but someone just had to take them into a (hopefully) good home. 
One Voigtländer Vitomatic of some version, probably an early one, but I don't know which one yet. Going to be interresting. It's got a nice Color Skopar f/2.8 lens and all, but it is a viewfinder rather than a rangefinder. They still don't get much better I suppose, taken into account that nice lens and all. Having got an old Vito B from the same manufacturer, with a Color Skopar f/3.5 lens though, I should know what I'm talking about. I have already started to wait for masterpieces flying all around me, at all times.

We used to run around here. Making noise, go inside and have a look at all those tools and things, maybe check the drawers for anything useful. Back in time, when everything was exciting and unknown. This used to be an old shoemakers shed. A workshop. Today it's someones small place of piece and quietness. It could just as well have been another derilict building, or even burnt to the ground. I like the memories it brings to my mind, but not the feeling I get when I pass it today for some reason. Used to belong to the nearby small farm. I tell you a bit more about that further down.

Then I came over this great deal of one Canon something, probably very late 70's or early 80's with auto focus and all, together with a Holga Diana F+ in the same deal. How great is that, would you say? 
I don't have a clue about the Canon, but will try to find out soon. The Holga is a Holga is a Diana F, is a plastic camera with a plastic lens. Not made to please anyones eye or anything, but I'm truly looking forward to try it. I think you can use it for whatever, more or less. And if I find it boring, I can always rebuild it to my own specs. I would think. I probably have to deal with it in a bit different way than those old Leicas and such, as the Holga is definately not built like a war machine. Thin flimpsy plastic not designed to take a punch at all, I'm afraid. But we'll see for how long it will last. They still got ducttape around the shop.

I was just a small kid. It was easter, and I had just passed the old shoemakers shed and got to this point as seen above when I spotted him on his old red tractor, just outside this outbuilding. The farmer himself. I remember talking to him, but got no memories of whatever secrets we told each other. We were friends. He was a kind person, smiling with his entire body. The next morning the grown-ups told me he was gone, forever. And I could not believe it, because I had just talked to him the day before. I remember walking up to the farm just to check if he was still there, outside the outbuilding on his red tractor. He was not. It was just as quiet that day, back then, as it was the day a few weeks ago when I snapped this one for my notebook.

Looking, lurking and searching a bit around on that interweb I think I have found that Canon to be a AF35M, claimed (by Canon) to be the first autofocus camera launched in '79. I guess that means that I will get something built in the early 80's some time, as it looks a tiny wee bit different (judged by a bad picture only) to the one in the above link. 
As I obviously will find out is that it works (just because you can't break them) and that it will make one helluva noise. 
To quote the person writing about it in the above link, just in case you did not dare to click it, (s)he says: 

"[the] most notable feature, though, is the noise it produces. When I took it to the park, heads turned after every photo I took, as the camera automatically forwarded to the next frame. When the roll had reached its end and was automatically rewound, it sounded like a squadron of fighter jets flying low over the Vondelpark. Fortunately, panic and chaos did not ensue, when people realised it was just my camera, rather than the start of World War II."

As there obviously is more to this snapper of good moments than initially meets the eye, it will be great to put in a set of new batteries, some out of date film, and give it a good go around the hood. It will definately do the job, I presume.

OK, enough of those spooky childhood memories for now! This is a bit less spooky parking place back home. Snapped as I was waiting for my wife, as I often do. A quite long handheld exposure, as you might have figured out already. Not one of my best though,,, I can honestly tell you that much!

Well... I guess that's about it, for today?! I got no further stuff to tell you all about, but have to quickly tell you that I will definately get back to some photography stuff some day soon. At least I really hope I do!
As for todays snaps, they (as usual) have nothing much to do with the text and such. Just for your information.
Some day I might do that, write and snap about the same thing, but not today.
Take care folk, or folks :)

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  1. Sounds like you're well tooled-up to scratch that creative itch, Roy. The Diane F should be lots of fun - I'm tempted myself every time I see some of the stuff that can come out of it. Great snaps, as always. I like the M one - great composition and out-of-focus stuff. And the last one, too - lots to look at there.


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