torsdag 8. oktober 2015

I'm back out here, in the big blue somewhere

Oh yes, at sea that is. At work and all, to see what that might bring towards me the next four weeks. It's always a bit of a struggle the first few hours, or maybe the first day or so, but then things starts to become a routine again, and the days more or less floats along as they should. 

Oh no, I hear you shout out! Not the Shetland series again? 
Hah... I reply. It's a proper series, you know, and will last for more or less one long strip of 135 format film. And yes, I'm going to post most of them right here. So only thing you can do is just brace yourselves, or of course either leave or turn around to look elsewhere as the posts are being brought on. 

I had nothing much to say today, actually. I know I thought of something yesterday, but that has vanished somewhere else for the moment, of course. Memory is a totally overrated thing, since you obviously are bringing the matter to the table...
Maybe I should just shut up more, and in that way post less? Or maybe I should just go ahead as I usually do? 

Just back from work, again. Had to sit in for one of the engineers as he joined an on-board course. All we have to go through, huh? And who else to call at these hours, but the chief himself? No one, I suppose... which is why I seem to be the chosen one when it comes to save the day. Anyway, I like it though, so no particular hard feelings of any kind. Still, I'm here anyway with nothing much to do right now.
Giving just that a short second thought I got a couple of fresh magazines. Black+White Photography, and the latest issue of Black and White. So I got things to do the next couple of evenings as well, as you might expect. 
See you soon folks! Hopefully with something better to come up with than this nonsense...

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