fredag 9. oktober 2015

Everything will come to an end

OK, maybe it's not as definite as it sounds! I'm only talking about my Shetland series of snaps and such. Nothing to worry too much about, as it happens. You will all be happy to see the end of it anyway, I suppose. This is the last batch of pictures of that FP4 roll, snapped on a dull day as you should have figured out by now.

Another day at sea, as you should know. Weather has been fantastic the last 24 hrs. and I just hope it stays like this for the next three weeks to be honest. Bad weather is never to much fun anyway, and out here it's just a struggle. Every little task of work is getting so much more difficult to get done when the weather is bad. It starts in the morning during the process of getting dressed, and just goes on and on until late evening... Well, as my father used to say when he still was working; we usually choose our own profession, so better just keep shut, work on and leave it be :)

I just bought a new hard drive to be able to save my scannings and other pictures to be able to save them in a better way. Not that I got anything very special, but if you have ever experienced loosing years of snapped material due to a computer crash, you should recognize my concern in some way. Yes, from the rather short period of my life when electronic images was all I ever did. When the kids were in their more active period and all that. Years that never comes back, and memories I would very much like to have saved, but due to computer related stuff never managed to do. Now I keep my stuff doubled up, just in case. I can always do another scanning of course, of negatives and such related material. The 0's and 1's however, is a completely different matter. Not that I got anything great to keep... but there's a few memories, as it happens. I will try to keep them if possible. 
Anyway, I'm in the process now, of cloning the two hard drives and make a doubled-up storage system for them. 

The negatives are as safe as possible, I would say. Or safe is probably not the right term, because nothing is totally safe as you start to think of it. 
I got a few ring binders sitting on a shelf back home. With negatives in them. That's it, more or less. Nothing bomb proof, as you know. Not fire proof either. You just have to trust that nothing bad will happen. As you do, usually.
I would rather not be sitting in a position where I found that I lost all my thousands of original negatives from 1975 until today.

Well. I was thinking about it a bit earlier today. This blog and all, and what to do with it. I want to keep on writing, but I see that it has become a bit different to what I thought about when I started it. All of you know that I'm dealing with film, old cameras and such, and I thought that would be sort of the main theme through my posts. The reality seem to be a bit different, but maybe some kind of a little bit of this and a little bit of that is a bit better than going on forever about the same small details? I might think that's the way to go. 
I will, however, try to pull myself together and post something photographic related soon. I have nothing special in mind at this moment, but will probably come up with something, someday. 

No further stories to be told today. I'm in a kind of slow motion mode at the moment you see, just back to work and all. Need to get my mind set first, and then come back with something worth saying :)
So long, to anyone reading this!

And we have reached the end of this drive folks. Here represented by the wind vane and the radar installation at Sumburgh Airport, Shetland. 
OK, it might not be that obvious, I see that, but that's what it is anyway, since you ask.

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  1. Great post Roy and great snaps as always. There is definitely something there in your Shetland back-of-taxi series - some land, some buildings and some other mysterious stuff like electricity pylons and I would have never guessed wind vane. All very good anyway.

    Hope you got your doubly-safe storage thing done - nowadays the thing to do is use the Cloud, or so everyone says in the digital world. That's OK until your Cloud-storage-company ceases trading or gets taken over and then you have to move everything off it again. I don't know the answer - negatives are long-lasting, as long as fire doesn't get at them. There is no solution - except print as many as possible and hang them on your walls and remember to turn everything off before you go to bed.

    And blogs are strange things, as I'm finding out like yourself. It's the journey that's important, so they always say. Anyway I enjoy reading your posts - a little bit of story, a little bit of cameras...perfect.

    1. Good to know you like the Shetland snaps Michael :)) I need to get a couple of them printed I guess... there's a few here I like, anyway.
      Doubled-up storage is done, thank you very much, and the cloud has been considered a few times. Stupid thing about the cloud is just what you mention here, and also the fact that it's not for me to reach as long as I'm at sea, which is exactly half of my time... Printing is still the best option, so totally agree on that!!


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