mandag 22. april 2019

It's great, actually!

Well into the last few days of preparation for crew change over here. Which is a good thing, mind you! This time however we need to stay an extra day in Brazil as we're in for visa renewal, which is a horrible venue all together. Takes precious time you see, and lots of the sorts I'm afraid. We even have to get into a van and have someone to drive us about 4 hours up the coast just to get to the right police station to get it all properly done. Crazy, but that's how it is. Oh, and the same four hours back down to Rio again the next day to hopefully catch our flights to Europe. And if we're late, well the next plane leaves 24 hrs later if we can get tickets on such short notice that is. 

Living at the Beach. Well, this might be to stretch the truth a wee bit, but we will be moving to this area a few months from now. It's a place where you can breath. Like really breath...

OK, rants over!
It's going to be great to get home. I got plans, you see. Plans for some darkroom work, and even plans for some snapping up of (hopefully rather) good stuff for all of you to see some day. It's about time I take the old van out and do some driving around the area just to try my take on a few scenes inside the fjords somewhere. 
I usually find myself somewhere on the coast line, and it must be years since I took some time and drove deep into the fjords land of this place. They are quite nice though, if you like this sort of thing. Steep mountain sides and some deep water, that's what it's all about in there. We are only talking about a couple of hours drive actually, so it's not that the task is completely impossible. It's just myself liking the open landscapes a lot better. I feel I can breathe out there on the coast. In the fjords you're constantly walking around with something blocking the means of breathing. Of course it's just a feeling, but anyway who would and should not listen to what your body is trying to tell you? My body usually tells me to pack my things and get home to where the wind is howling, the rain is hammering flat onto your windows and the sun is shining and no wind is blowing half an hour later. That's fresh air to me...
But I'll do it for you, of course... just to let you know what it looks like when looking through one of my cameras. It will be nothing like this or that, I'm absolutely sure! Not like this either, if you follow me the slightest little bit...?
I'll manage to get something though, probably with a bit plainer looks.

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  1. Ach you should have a warning about those links, Roy - all that colour nearly made me fall over ;)

    No, I am absolutely in 100% agreement that your photographs will look nothing like any of those, Roy. I'd be bitterly disappointed if they did...

    Enjoy your time away from Subsea Viking - well earned, I would say. And no better place than up and down that coast and those fjords. And you know where to put the images when they emerge from whatever cameras you choose to take with you. They will be great if past experience is anything to go by, I know that much ;)

    1. Thanks, Michael. We will see... I'm pretty sure I still got a few rolls to underexpose and waste. I'll fill up the old Landy with a few cameras and set out on a mission one day. Can't guarantee you any results very soon of course, but then again you never know. Keep on watching this space!

  2. I agree with Michael. Photography would be dull if everyone's photos looked the same.
    I think that beach living room photo needs some explanation . . . .

    1. Ahh... the old "Living on the Beach" thing, Marcus. It was some kind of idea we boiled together during one of our gatherings at the local camera club. We filled a few cars with things to make up a living room at the beach. We had lots of the sorts, but ended up making a "bare essentials" kind of thing down there, and took turns watching TV, let the chair sink in the sand, beating the hell out of that old TV box and so forth. Some weird dressing up was required as well. It was a fun few hours at the beach, just saying :)

    2. Ah, sounds like a great time was had by all. Except the television . . . .


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