mandag 31. juli 2017

365 moving on

Another tiny bunch from the slowly growing 365 series of snaps I'm doing this year. 

The following notes was written about the snaps at the time:
#056: The rack of a few of the many spare el.motors on board.
#057: Quaranteened (again...) pallet jack
#058: Tools in workshop
#059: Jàkup, the faroe man inside the lifeboat





2 kommentarer:

  1. Excellent stuff, Roy. #058 reminds me of my workshop/garage. No - let me re-phrase that: #058 reminds me of how I would like my workshop/garage to be :) Not that I do much work like that any more, but from time to when a darkroom sink needs to be made, a test-strip easel or something important like that.

    1. Oh well, Michael. Don't let me start about my own little workshop/shed at home...! I'm just happy that the one I share the house with has never yet seen the workshop on board the ship. I might get a bit short on good explanations :)


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