tirsdag 25. juli 2017

She had it printed... believe it or not!

Sure, this thing as shown below. Printed on cheapish poster paper for a test, but she also claims to have put in an order for a canvas print of the same size made out of the same file. Digital ink... as they seem to like to do these days, 
At first I didn't like it at all, to be honest. To many white spots, which can of course be hidden away a bit if using the right tools for the job, but the size of the thing is totally out of proportions for a normal standardish livingroom. I mean it's huge, and to an extent that I'm not even sure about what the measurments of the finished product really is. I doubt I even got measuring tape enough to get you the numbers should I one day feel like sharing the facts. But then again I have seen people hanging huge painings on their walls as well, so it might be OK after all?
I have learned to like it a bit more now as it's been hanging there for a while, but I'm still not absolutely sure about what I really think deep inside of myself. 

The original negative is miles away from what you see here when it comes to contrast and things. It might be possible to get something out of it inside the darkroom, but I need a bit more experience and a couple of new chemicals. 
Mamiya RZ67, 250 mm APO lens and some old and expired film I think. Maybe ORWO NP22 or something like that. At least it was some kind of half slow and very dull film.

But OK, that's probably what you have to expect when giving away a couple of pixelated files for others to do as they please. The negative was a total disaster anyway, and not very much printable inside the darkroom I'm afraid. I have tried a couple of times, but there will have to be a good deal of work to be done on the print itself to somehow save the few details worth saving in there. I might try again some day, but need to get my hands on a few more chemicals before I give it another go at some point. 

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  1. I might be able to give it a try :-)

    1. Would be absolutely great to see what an experienced printer could get out of this one for sure, Andrea. I might drop it into an envelope when I get home from sea at some point :)

  2. Either way, that looks absolutely great, Roy. And it's on the wall - always a bonus point for that! I gave up trying to get comparable results from darkroom work to digital - the two processes have different strengths. One of the downsides of having so few darkroom printers around is actually learning from someone who knows what they are doing - watching how they work and seeing what they can pull out of a decent (or even not-so-decent) neg. I know there are occasional courses from one or two people still in the game and I'm very tempted to sign up for one, but they're not cheap in the first instance and then for me, travel to England adds another few hundred £ into the equation. I keep thinking how much paper that money could buy and for now I just trundle along on my wee self-learning path :)

    1. I totally agree with you, of course. It's a long and windy road working out stuff from youtube and from your own head all the time, and a good course would be fantastic to join at some point. Even to have a few others to discuss and maybe even make a few prints together would be good at times. It's a lonely business we're into :))


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