lørdag 29. juli 2017

Geometrical stuff, time and time again

If I'm out walking in my own company with a camera in hand I often find things like this, or a pylon with a cable or two going into different directions, or whatever else catching my attention for a minute or three. 
I do some walking around to try figure out from where it may make the most out of itself and at the same time suit the geometric part of my brains, and then I usually snap a few frames. 
Then I most likely forget about it all until the film has been developed, and sometimes I forget about them for a long time after that has even happened. I don't think these have been posted before, actually. 
I'm not even sure about where I found this mast, but it might have been in Lerwick, Shetland. 

Both snaps done on either a Leica M6 or the M3, but I'm sure it was with the 21mm Elmarit lens. No clue about the film here and now, but might have been FP4+ or something like that. 

Oh well, it's just the way my head works at times... it seems.
You go figure.

4 kommentarer:

  1. The latent engineer in me will always like geometric imagery!

    1. I just seem to be able to just pass things like this one without trying to capture something hopefully worth having. I'm more often dissapointed than not, but that does not seem to stop me much :)

  2. Lines and light, Roy - never disappoints! Nice work.

    1. Tusen takk, Michael.
      I might just pick up the Rolleiflex or something and have a walk on deck later. Might find something I've not yet seen out there... you never know, after all :)


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