søndag 7. august 2016

This weather... as usual

Sorry, and all. 
I know, I should have been in here a bit more frequent, told you I'm alive and such. But here I am, again. It's been busy, as you should have guessed. At work, as it happens. Not that I have been working 24/7 since i was here last, but it kind of feels like it.

I got nothing much to speak of, though, unless you're deep into mechanical problems and broken bits and bobs. I recon you're not.
The weather is coming up. I feel like I have to mention that. It's a bit early for gale sort of winds, but that's what's coming at us right now. The sea is rising as well, so then we know what we're all in for during the next few days. 
We just went off DP, because them tiny little ROV's can't work in any bad weather anyway. So we just have to wait then... for better days to come at some point. I heared someone mentioned thursday might be fine. Well, that's OK with me, as my plan is to be home by then.

I have not even been able to put any of my two cameras I brought into any good use either. At least not the last couple of weeks. See, I must have been really busy!

I almost forgot...! I promised you all a snap from the gable side of the roof of that old viking house in the viking village over where I spent a few weeks during my last trip to work. It would have looked maybe at least twice as good if I cropped it stylishly and printed it on some decent paper. Well, I did not... as you probably notice. However I might, some day.

I will be back, hopefully a bit sooner than this late!

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