onsdag 24. august 2016

Back from my travels

First there was a four weeks more or less busy period at work, and then I went home just to change some of the content in my bag before we threw ourselves into the car and went away for a late summer holiday, my wife and myself. 
First few days we spent out there on the tiny island of Ona, before we headed south along the coast line of Norway. Not along the coast line as such, as that would be a bit difficult around these parishes, but as close to it as practically possible would be the right term I suppose.

The path the old guardian of the lighthouse flame used to get to work everyday some time back. This would be his view, more or less, from his kitchen window inside the big house right behind me when I snapped this photo onto some old Kodak Tri-X film using one of the rangefinder cameras. I love this view, and got a few snaps of it if I start counting. No reason for that, I believe.

Anyway, we ended up at a nice spot located more or less in the middle of the North Sea, called Bulandet and Værlandet, which suited us just fine for a few days. You will probably see that for yourselves whenever I'm able to post a few snaps from the trip. 
I have already developed a few films, but the scanning has not been far up on my list of priorities as for yet. That has to do with life in general, as it happens. I got a few things to take care of around the house, to put it simple. That's the price of being the "handyman" of the area. Not that I'm particularly handy, but maybe rather the handiest there is to get inside this house... which means there will be things to do from time to time. 

Same camera, same film on the same trip to "Onakalven" which is the name of the small bump or top onto where the lighthouse is built. Strange how people react when they see a camera appear. The two male humans looking down to the ground and kept walking down the narrow track, while the female one immediately stopped and went looking out towards the sea in some kind of pose. Strange.

News from the tiny island of Ona then: As you may know my cousin Mette is a quite known writer, author and a playwright (if that's the right terms... but I think so) on this lump of stone we call Norway. We used to have a very well known Swedish author walking around this tiny island from time to time, as Henning Mankell used to have a house out here before he passed away. A part of his early career was taking place in the small city of Molde not too far from Ona, and I think that was how he fell in love with this place at some point. 
Anyway, to make the story short the norwegian union of playwrights or dramaticians has now inherited his house on the island, and my cousin will be able to use the place for writing stuff... or whatever people like her do from day to day. I can't wait to see what she'll get out of it at some point. There should not be any lack of weather, if that's what she's after...

And the last one, snapped from the lighthouse itself over a small part of the inner harbor and outer skerries of Ona. When checking the negatives themselves it turns out that the three snaps posted here were taken in this very order on the film. That does not happen every day inside this place, just saying. All done on the rangefinder then, and with the same 35mm lens onto the same Kodak Tri-X film. And all developed using Kodak HC-110 developer. They were also sloppily scanned by me on some Epson scanner... as usual.

Well, I should go outside to have a look if yesterdays work payed off or if everything has been ruined at some point during the night. 
I will be back, though. Quite soon, I hope! With more snaps to see, hopefully, and maybe a few words to go along with everything. 

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  1. Good to have you back Mr Karlsvig and of course an interesting post and great snaps as per usual. So the learned Mr Mankell was a fan of that part of the world, eh? I'm sure it's a great place for peace&quiet and for serious thinking. Hopefully your cousin will get great inspiration there.

    I see you are on the lighthouse trail - we did some of those places this summer too, as you will shortly see. They have great history associated with them - very interesting places, lighthouses. Every one different and usually a good place for snaps - as you are showing us.

    1. Thank you lots, Michael. Good old learned Mr. Mankell used to walk around on the small island for sure. I don't think he was there a lot, but from time to time he used the place for thinking and just dandering about doing nothing much. I don't think he ever used the place for any writing, and that was not the reason for buying the house either, according to people who knew the man a bit better than I ever did.

      Looking forward to see you lighthouse snaps, mate. You know I like the things quite a lot, both for the usefulness of them but also for plain esthetics. They kind of speak to me, at times.

  2. Lighthouses: such an iconic thing to photograph. None of those near me, so I fall back on another iconic subject: bridges.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jim.
      Bridges... well, it's the same but different actually. They are all different, all are there for a reason and they are iconic subjects for sure. And they don't go anywhere while you're trying your best to make them look brilliant inside a photo. Quite different to deer and birds and such.
      We got a few bridges around here as well, but these days they build boring things compared to what they used to do a hundred years ago or something like that. We got more lighthouses than bridges, though.


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