torsdag 25. august 2016

Marshland, late summer

We went over there to this island one long weekend this summer, to where my mother was born and grew up. I kind of grew up there as well at times, as we went there a lot back in the days when I was just a kid. 
I got memories from this place. Lots of them. I might steal a few negatives from my father at some point just to show you what I mean. 

Nothing much has changed in 40 years or so. This snap could just as well has been taken back then, or probably a 100 years ago for all we know. The barely visible wind turbines in the background would not be there back then, but the rest would be just as it's pictured here. I used the Rolleiflex and some fine Fomapan 100 film. 120 format, of course.

There was this small river, or maybe more like a tiny stream, more or less full of trout. Brownish mostly, but every now and again we managed to catch a few shiny silvery ones. 
There was a grandmother and a grandfather, and the uncle racing around in weird cars probably trying to hook up with a girl or something. It didn't help much, as he's still living in the same house all alone. I think he has stopped trying now...
There was clean air with the smell of sea and marshland, and the grandfather cut peat to burn through the winter. And there were coal to burn as well. But only when or if the nights got really cold or they had visitors coming from far away. 
And every evening there was fried trout with sour cream and potatoes. At least in the summertime.
And life was good.

You may call it Eriophorum, cottongrass or whatever. We call it Myrull over here in Norway. If you translate that directly you will get something like Marshwool... which might make some sense. I like this plant when it moves in the wind. Not much wind to make movements in this snap though. Rolleiflex and Fomapan 100, again. I like that combination at times. I printed it this morning, on some warm tone paper. I should have chosen a different one because the whites should have been white, I think. The print was nice though, but you will have to wait because it's still wet.

The world was so small back then. Only the grandparents, a few uncles and aunts, and the cousins. Me and one of them cousins grew up in that river. At least that's what I like to think.

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  1. Lovely.
    Looking forward to seeing the print

    1. Thank you Andrea :)
      The print is just around the corner, so just stay tuned for another short while :)

  2. That would be called Bog Cotton round these parts Roy. Used to see a lot of it, especially up on the Antrim hills, but not so much nowadays. Great post and stories as well as the snaps - sounds like an idyllic childhood. iPhones not required, eh?!

    1. So, Bog Cotton it is then Michael. That makes great sense as well, as it happens.
      iPhones were totally not required back then for sure mate, which probably made the childhood even better.


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