tirsdag 6. februar 2018

Thoughts from the sea

It's a rather dull place, the center of The Atlantic Ocean. Nothing to see at all. Not only for a day or two, but for two full weeks in a row. There was one ship passing us about five days ago according to rumors from the bridge, but nobody could actually see it as it passed something like 12 nautical miles north of us. And then it was in the middle of the pinch black night as well, of course. 
Oh, and one of the officers on the bridge spotted a couple of whales playing around the surface a few days ago, but that's it!
I've been downstairs in the engine room most of the time anyway, so I don't actually care too much about what they see or don't see up there. 
Got to say I'm looking forward to come over to the other side of the sea now. One week to go, and we'll be there, they keep on telling us. That's only if the navigators has a clue about where we are, I guess. Wouldn't hold my breath...

This was not a dull place, speaking from the heart. I'm not sure exactly where it was, but at least I know it was in the London area last summer. Busy as heck, it was. Trains and things, you know. And plentiful of people as well. I sort of like some of the lines in this one, but I seem to remember it looked better through the viewfinder of that old rangefinder than the final result turned out to be. That has happened to me before as well... just saying.

I'm really looking forward to get back home this time. Got a bunch of rolls inside the darkroom waiting to get sloshed around in some sort of developer, and hopefully I will have one or two rolls from this trip to go along with them as well. 
I might even get some time for printing, and to open up my rather fresh box of Lith developer to see if I can get something good out of a few old papers I got lingering around the place. 
Has anyone reading this thing ever tried the Emaks paper K883 in Lith? I got some of that sort, so I'm hoping the lith process will do something nice on it. 
Actually, it has to be good as I have already booked this wall to hang a few prints for one month inside the library in my hometown, and I got a plan for the first time in quite a while. It just have to work, as you might understand.

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