onsdag 28. februar 2018

Light Lith rusty tones

Just wanted to give you a quick look at the red tones I got on the Fotokemika Emaks paper in Lith developer before I decided to drop it into the selenium toner bath the other day. The iPhone snap of this print is probably a bit off when it comes to rendering the actual tones and color of the print, but it's all I got I'm afraid, and it does not look too far off on my monitor anyway. 
This one is from a box of grade 3 paper, but it's still noticeably softer than one of my smaller boxes of grade 3 of the same paper. It's probably due to age, but that's just a guess. Still they all are pretty much useless for anything else, so I'll stick with these for my lith developer just for now I think. 
It's old and since long discontinued paper we're talking about, so I'll probably not going to see it again when the few sheets I got has been wasted for good. 

The (more or less) true lith tones of the Emaks paper. Quite warm, as you probably can see. I might throw this one into some selenium toner as well some day, just for good measure. 

The weather is fantastic today as well just as it were yesterday, but freezing cold of course. Damn wind coming in from the north-east, from the siberian area you know. Still not too far below the freezing point, but with this wind and all this sea and moisture around us here on the island it's getting really cold. 
Anyway, I'm off for a short walk and I'll bring a camera today as well. And then the ferry will be here with the mail in just an hour or so, hopefully with a small packet containing a couple of enlarger bulbs. I'm crossing them cold fingers!

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  1. That's a really great shot, Roy - your eye was definitely 'in' that day! And a lovely print too - nice to get those warm tones! I haven't heard of this emaks paper...is it still available do you know?

    Great work, as always!

    1. Thank you for your probably way too kind words, Michael :)
      Fotokemika Emaks paper... another brilliant paper out of the former east block, but no longer available I'm afraid. I happened to get the last few boxes still available from our only shop over here selling this stuff, but that was it I'm afraid. I came into contact with one person who was offered a "rather large quantity" (whatever that means...) just a few weeks ago, but he no longer remember who he got the offer from. I'm trying to investigate a bit right now. It's a lovely paper for sure, and I know there's a few more than me having their eyes open to try get their hands on a few sheets of it.
      I bought a couple of boxes a few years ago, and then the five last existing packs in Norway just before Christmas. I hope I can find the dude who supposedly has a whole lot of it, because this stuff really seems to go well with lith even though I don't know much about it...
      I'll send you some one day if I can get hold of some of it :)


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