fredag 2. februar 2018

Curious Engineers, and a few dancers...

We're on a ship just now, as you've heard lots of times already. On board a ship you'll have staff and officers on the bridge, and a few in the engine department. They seem to have different brains, the two species. At least their brains seem to work very different to each other. 
I've been walking around with an old camera the last few days when time has allowed me to, and the reaction from the guys upstairs is very different to the things happening down there where all the action is. 
Upstairs it's like they couldn't care less, while downstairs you can't put that thing down until the boys throw themselves over whatever camera you carry, and start wondering how everything works, what the mechanics inside might look like, and stuff like that... you know. Engineers...

Something I did a while ago, as you might remember. I got loads of film back home in the need for a bath in some old Rodinal or whatever. Just give me a few weeks and I'll be back on  track. I promise! This was done on one of them rangefinders, if memory serves me right. With the 35mm attached, I suppose. Nice combo, by the way.

So there's been a few minutes of good talks around subjects like that down there lately, as the new motorman is young enough to never have either seen or at least not used a film camera. As you might remember I just got this old Nikkormat FT, and he's been lurking around that thing for a few days now. Shot a few frames and just had a good time, as you obviously do when sailing the blue and deep seas we sail at the moment.
Then I mentioned we might be able to actually take a few snaps and have them developed on board the next trip. They were all very interested and started wondering how that could be arranged, so I started playing with the thought about letting them build their own pinhole cameras just for the heck of it. Should not take too much time or effort to get that done, I would think. They are engineers, after all. Might even come up with some great and cool stuff for all we know. 
I'll try to bring some paper and a box of developer and fix on board, and let the guys produce some paper negs. from their own-made pinhole cameras. That would be fun, I suppose. 
They had no clue what a pinhole camera was, or did... so I used some time to explain the basics and now they seem to be even more intrigued by the whole thing. Lets hope it stays like that, at least until next trip on board. You never know, of course...

Another one of them dark light snaps done this evening. Something clearly happened here, but I'm not sure what it was. Probably someones flash threw some light around the room while my shutter was open. No too difficult as I was playing with times around the 1 second mark if I'm not very much wrong. 

Oh, and yes, we are making our way down south and another bit west. Passed the island of Madeira earlier today, and will probably make our turn a bit further towards west some time tomorrow afternoon. 
You'll soon understand the brains on them folks upstairs works a bit different to ours when you go up and have a quick look at their map from time to time... Sitting there in that chair watching the exact same thing over and over again for a full 12 hrs. watch will of course do something weird to your things below your top cover. And for 12 hrs. your next waypoint only comes a few millimeters closer. Nah... can't be made for all of us, that job!!
Anyway, the temperatures are really starting to rise now. I guess we're getting a bit closer to the 20 mark, so everything's fine over here. 

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  1. Sailing the Seven Seas sounds very romantic, but in reality must be mind-numbingly boring if you're not constantly fussing over an engine or something. I've read that cargo ships sometimes take passengers and I would like to try that once. If I had the time.

    1. Oh well, Marcus. I guess I can't exactly call it romantic in any way. Most of the days it's hard work, and sometimes it's almost no hassle at all and just a lazy day and money easy made. It differs, just like any other job I guess.
      You should try it if you get the chance some day, to travel with a working ship of some sort. It's probably a lot different to the cruise liners floating around these parts of the world, to say the least.
      Still... you will not find me lining up in the queue for a ticket on a working ship crossing the big sea, but I realize we come from two very different worlds when it comes to that :))
      Around nine days left now, and we'll be over to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. I'm looking forward to it!


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