mandag 22. mai 2017

My 365 project still moving forward

The 365@50 project is still moving forward, day by day. I just loaded my Nikon F3 with film no.5 this morning after frame no.141 was done.
I'm far behind on posting, I know, but I guess there will be time enough to get them all online before 2017 is done and dusted. Or, I will of course have to post the last few snaps a bit into the new year as this is film and not the usual pixelated stuff. Or, they are of course pixelated in the end due to the scanning process and all, but you know all about that anyway. 

Anyway, here you get four more from the series. All for free as per usual.

#040 One of our ships, the Viking Dynamic steaming out of Cromarty Firth one day in February while we were staying alongside at Nigg. The pilot boat is barely visible just in front of her, as you can clearly see.

#041: One of the huge doors in some kind of production hall they got over there in Scotland. It was rather nice at night time, as it happens. This snap was a bit boring, though. 

#042: Another night time snap from around the port. This jack-up was tied up as well, just as we were. You might remember having seen the scaffolding in front of the thing from a different point of view some time somewhere else in my blog? Just have a good look around and you'll find it, probably.

#043: Oh well... I guess I poked the camera in this direction some day at work. Looks like it's the motorman coming back from one of his many checking rounds around the engine areas. There's a fair bit of stuff to take care of, you see, but somebody's got to do it.

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  1. Great set of snaps from The Project, Roy. #042 and #043 work for me! Keep 'em coming...

    1. Thank you, Michael.
      New 365 post out in just a few moments if nothing special happens over here...


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