onsdag 31. mai 2017

In fact I should be happy

Been a bit to do at work lately, and that's the reason why I actually should be a happy man. There's quite a few norwegian sailors having nothing to do these days, meaning I should rather have been jumping in joy. And stuff like that.
Well... I'm not the sort of dude jumping too much around anyway these days, but I would if I could. On the other hand I'm a bit tired, because there's been quite a lot to do frankly spoken. 
Seems it's getting "better" though, so I might catch my breath at some point and even get my heart rate down to somewhere closer to idle. Who knows?!

I'm not sure if this one's been posted before, to tell the truth. It might have been, and it might have been not. It's the lighthouse at Ona there towards the horizon, and another one of them telegraph poles standing tall a bit closer. Oh, and it's the cottage belonging to the late Henning Mankell, the writer himself, squeezed in between the pole and that angled wire there to the left. Rolleiflex camera, obviously, as it's the only square snapper I got if you're able to look away from the Diana F+ for a brief moment... 

Photographic stuff so far, you say? Simple answer! 
I do, as per usual, have a bag full of cameras and film brought with me this time as well. They have not come into much use though, other than the usual daily snap done with the F3 on Ilford PAN400 film pushed to 1600 as I seem to do these days. 
When things calmed a bit down today I also went into mentioned bag and fetched the old Diana Mini camera. Half-frame plastic piece of junk actually, but fun thing to point around none the less. I went outside and played with it for a while, but as usual it's very hard to know how much film there still is inside the thing. The counter does not work properly, and as it's half frame size it takes forever to spin through a roll. I might get there some day though! I'll let you know when it happens and the film is ready for a proper wash in a bath of Rodinal or something similar. 

Another Rolleiflex snap from just before Christmas. I know, because this was snapped during the yard stay, which took place early to mid December last year. See...? I still can remember things that happened not too long ago. That's quite something, me thinks. 

And, (rises both hands into the air looking baffled) I just sold a lens!! Hah! Never thought that was going to happen, did you?
There's this chap, you see, in one of the groups I've been following and posting into on the big social media place. He's been on top of me for the last year or so with a clean goal of letting me go of the huge (and yes, it's huge...) 500 mm APO lens for the Mamiya RZ67 system I got hidden inside a big box somewhere inside the house. 
I never use the heavy lump anyway, so instead of me wasting film on testing it once or twice a year, he might just as well take it away to put it into some good old use. 
As I'm going to old England this summer, and his relatives lives in Holland, I will get it hand carried all the way down there and leave it into the hands of someone close to the new owner in about a month or so. 
It's not the cheapest of lenses, but compared to almost anything else you get a LOT of lens for a rather small bunch of money. This beast weighs around 2.3 kgs, and sold for around half the price of a good Leica Summicron 35mm weighing around 0.25 kgs... you go figure! That's a lot of glass and metal more or less given away folks! 
I hope he will use it a lot, and I hope I will not regret selling it at some point. I don't think so, actually, because I'm more a normal to wide angle photographer than a tele dude, so I think I'll be fine after all. 

Yes... I can see it's posted here. I got no clue what so ever about why, I'm sorry to say. I can't remember which camera I used or anything else about it. I can see there are lines, and I have seen these lines before on board the ship, but apart from that it's not exactly anything to shout out loud about. It's what we call a "filler" I guess...

The good thing about selling the thing is that I will get pound, shilling and pence to drop by one of the film shops in Good Old England. I hope to find something useful over there, and looking at the interweb there should be a chance that it will happen some day soon. Film and paper, and a bottle or three of some sort of developer and things like that would be nice to find. 
I'll let you know what I found, and I'll let you all know how it feels to buy stuff like that over the counter again. 
If The Landy will take me all the way, that is... You never know, of course. After all it's a fair bit of land to plough until I'm home again. 

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  1. I have to say, Roy - you have quite the eye for lines. Truely!

    1. Oh... thank you very, very much, Michael :)
      I happen to like lines, as you quite well know by now. I sort of like the two square ones here, but I'm not too sure about that last one I must say. Still it's there, anyway :))


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