søndag 21. mai 2017

About the weather, and a few of the things I see

Another nice day up here in Norway today. At least around my parts of the country. Around 18 degrees Celsius and sunny most of the day, but a bit more chilly in the evening. Now it's close to midnight, and the clouds have come in bringing something that could turn into rain at some point during the night. Even though the clouds are a bit on the heavy side it's still rather light outside. We have finally reached the time of year when daylight never goes away, and it's probably what makes it worth fighting the dark days of the rest of the year. 
Well, luckily I think the darkness and the crappy weather we usually get up here is a bit refreshing which probably makes the life a bit easier to me compared to a lot of people usually having a hard time through the darkness of the wintertime. 

This thing called out for some attention one of the days alongside in Lerwick a few weeks ago. The smoking area for the dock workers, I guess. Linesmen and the likes, fork lift drivers and what have you working inside the area. I sort of like the composition, with the lines and everything. The snap would probably have worked a bit better if some random smoker were actually using the facility at the time, but then again I guess we should be more than happy with the thing getting as little use as possible. It's not the best of habits, as we have learned to know through the last few decades. I think this was the Leica M6, 35mm Summicron lens, snapped on HP5+ film. 

We just had a few visitors coming by. Young people, you know. Daughters with friends and dogs and everything, and even a boyfriend I was not aware of. We served hamburgers from the barbeque (and veggie-burgers for the ones in need of that) and by the looks of things I initially thought they were only coming for the free food. Turned out that they had a bit of time to spare for the old folks, so we had a few hours of great chatting and a generally nice time outdoors. We like that sort of thing, you know. 

One of the holes in the wall of the outer breakwater of Peterhead harbor. At least it looks like they will be able to make a hole out of it if needed some day. It's not the best of berths to have for a big ship this place, as the current and swell from the North Sea is making life a bit busy on board a ship even on a nice day up there. Leica M3, Elmarit 21mm lens on Ilford PAN400 shot at box speed.  

Tomorrow is Sunday. Nothing much planned, but I got a few things on my list of things that have to get done before I go to work again. Leaving Wednesday very early morning for Scotland again, so I probably need to use parts of the Sunday as well to have even the tiniest chance to get the things done in time. What I definitely know is that any dark room printing will not be done during this trip at home. Good thing is that I now know what's hiding inside the darkroom at my local photo club. A couple of enlargers and a rather good collections of trays and stuff. The deal is that I can use it whenever I like, which suits me quite well as you probably understand. I just have to pick up the key and lock myself in and out as I please for a day or three. Sounds great... huh?
I will give it a try as soon as I get the chance. I promise.
Other things...? Nah, not really. I stumbled around with the Rolleiflex in hand for a few hours today, but nothing came out of it, I think. 
But I did snap the daily one, though. As I'm doing every day, of course. Nothing grand, mind you. 

Another one from the same film as above. I noticed this scene during a lunch walk outside of my cabin last time at work. Nothing much to say about it, as you quite clearly can see. The orange filter was attached, making the whole thing looking a bit graphic and contrasty. I'm not too sure if I really like it, but might be worth posting anyway. Leica M3, Elmarit 21mm and Ilford PAN400 film. 

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