tirsdag 29. september 2015

What a Day!

After a few days of seeing fresh snow on the mountain tops around us, and what else all, we are today having 19 deg. C here. Just by coincidence I'm located at our cottage by the sea, and can't get away... Oh... Botheration...!
I'm seated in the sofa indoors, only around 20 meters from the sea with the door open. The wind is fresh, but not howling as for yet. I just read the forecast, and found out that the first real autumn storm is playing around just south of us. Very close as a matter of fact. That's probably why the temperature is at this level then. Something weird in the air for a short period of time I guess. Local differences an all that sorts.
I can see strong winds coming in the fjord on the other side now, so I guess it will not stay like this for a long period of time. I think I'll actually go outside instead. Grab a cup of coffee and the computer and take it all in. We could be talking about the last few hours of nice weather for many, many months for all anyone knows, so I better enjoy them to the fullest!

Mamiya RZ67, 110mm Sekor lens on chineese Shanghai GP3 film. 

Ahh... now it's evening already. I have managed to waste another day somehow, but it was kind of worth it, mind you!
The weather I talked about up here, and everything. Heaven like!
Now it's getting worse as I type. Wind direction has changed a wee bit, which means the storm will come in before I can say "high waves" I guess. Wind picking up, temperature dropping significantly down. That's life out here in the north western parts of this long country.

Bicycle repair shop in the heart of old Bakklandet in Trondheim. There were other photographers around this day as well. Mamiya RZ67, Sekor 110mm and Shanghai GP3

Same place, same camera and film... photographers ran somewhere else all of a sudden.

A question dropped in as I posted a picture on Instagram earlier today. 
"Is the number of people mastering the art of using film decreasing"...? Blah... Yes and no I guess! And what did he mean by the phrase "mastering the art..."? I am certainly not one of them I guess, or maybe I am, in my own kind of way? At least there is a million ways to master this, as I have learned over the last 40 years or so. 
Truth is, of course, that there are a bunch of people still mastering this at least as good as I do. The only thing is that they gave it up and forgot all about it the minute they bought their first electronic device. You know... after all we are a lazy bunch of bastards or something like that. 

A bike not in need for repair, me thinks. Taken from inside a cafè as the weather was somewhat unpredictable, to say the least.

And here comes the rain!! Big time like!
Back to normal then, so nothing special anymore. As I said, it was probably just the fact that we were lingering so close to the real bad weather south of us that resulted in this fantastic day. Well, it's all done and dusted now. Thank heavens, we don't have to decide what to do with all the nice weather in the days to come. Just float around as usual, which we are great at I would say. 

Walking back to the center of town to pick up the car and the rest of the family. This is the "Old Town Bridge" of Trondheim. A nice piece. I think it actually burned down some years ago, but rebuilt again of course. 

The snaps for the day is from a roll of 120 film shot a few days ago in Trondheim, as I was up there walking the streets in some real bad rainy weather, drinking coffee and visiting Andrea the italian photographer who's dealing with a lot of the same stuff as I do, but in a different way obviously. He's got his own small but fantastic gallery and all. And he is a real master of the trade, even though he don't trade that much. He knows how to punch feelings and thoughts out though, and that's important! I just hope to be able to do something of the same one day, but in a different way of course. My own good and distinct style would be nice to find. But that's all for another day, I believe. It will grow on me, or I will grow into it. Maybe...

Taken from outside Andreas gallery, which is just behind me as I snapped this. A nice neighborhood for sure it is!

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  1. I can't imagine sitting on a sofa 20m from the sea - sounds brilliant Mr Karlsvig. And Trondheim looks like a really interesting place.

    Style...yes. This is something I have thought about too and I like your take on it - it will grow on me, or I into it. I am of a similar view. For now I just take photographs and spend more time in the darkroom than on the computer. Maybe some style will emerge - maybe I have to make it emerge. Hopefully some themes will come either way. And maybe some competence will come!

    Anyway, really great post Roy and great snaps, as always. Keep it coming.

    And I like your 'take' on the prevailing weather conditions - which is important for some-one who works, lives and takes photographs in the part of the world you inhabit. That's one of the things I love about Ireland - you never know what to expect. Well - you do, of course, lots of rain, lots of cloud and not much sun...but really it is more than that, it's ever-changing, and how good is that for camera-work?!

    1. Sitting in the same sofa, just as close to the sea at the moment Michael, but wind is howling right now. Seems like it's getting better though, because earlier today it was real bad. Gale force and all... Rain earlier, only shattered clouds at the moment. Could be that tomorrow's going to be fine then... or I'm being tricked again :) We'll see!


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