onsdag 30. september 2015

Just a short note, and some proper scans

I borrowed this camera a while ago. Don't have any more information about the snapper instrument here and now, but I'll come back to that some day soon.
It's an old bellow thing from some time in the fifties, made in england I think, and have most definitely served it's time up in the northern isles in the hands of the mother of a woman I know in Orkney. So, I borrowed it last christmas but has not come around to really try it before now. It was a pain to use as the shutter only has two settings. "Fast" and "B" that is. The switch between the settings did no longer work, but both settings did. By pushing lightly on the snapper it would go to "B". By pushing harder and more definite it would make a more normal snap. Shorter shutter time that is. 

So, while testing this out I pointed the thing in all kinds of directions, as you probably see by the results. During tests I managed to also make a few double and triple exposures. Japp... as you do with these things while testing. Well, at least it seems to be light tight-ish and everything. 6x9 negatives and all sorts of jolly stuff it makes. 

So, Melbas mothers camera still kind of lives on. Now it soon goes back into her hands, and I truly hope that she will hand it further on to another woman I know over at the islands. Ingrid Budge (now, click the link and like the page, please) really knows how to deal with thingies like these. She will most certain get something brilliant out of the old unpredictable thing, and I will most certain enjoy some of the results. 

How's that for a selfie done on this old-timer you think?

So... that's it for today I would think. 
Tomorrow is another day, and I will most likely find something to post at some point. 
So long!!

I kind of like this triple one. Another test, as it happens.

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