søndag 27. september 2015

Another Chapter

I will not say a lot. I promise!
It's just that I wanted to post a few more from the series I started a few days ago. You can find the first few over here if you like.
I call them "On the Right Side of the Road to Sumburgh" for some odd reason...
They are all taken straight from the camera, only had a short trip through the scanner of course. 

Not to be taken for anything similar to my other series, the one of the telegraph poles on Ona, my small island. 
This is from Shetland, a somewhat bigger island far west. It's a great place though, mind you...

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  1. Pretty good Mr Karlsvig - that's a nice little set of snaps you have growing there. I like themes - and this one is a good one. Need to do more themes myself. Keep 'em coming.


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