onsdag 18. oktober 2017

This Blog might be in danger!

First of all I'm very sorry for the huge hole in the blog. It was nothing I wanted, just saying! 
Some bright minded person in the IT dept. of my company have found out that google (and everything attached to it... which is a lot, I can tell you) just has to be taken away from the list of stuff we may have access to when at work at sea. Serious amounts of 0's and 1's are being downloaded, you see, without any of us knowing it. 
In short terms this means I'm no longer allowed to log on to my google account, which also takes away my possibility of posting anything on my blog, check my mail, google anything I might like to find on the web... well, a lot of the fun stuff disappears as you might see.
I got no idea how to overcome this obstacle right here and now, but I'm open to suggestions and advice of course.

Something we stumbled over when moving all over the southern english countryside this summer. A nice tiny little home for a few people, I guess. I think this frame came out of one of the german rangefinders, but I'm not at all sure about it. 

I'm more or less just out of the darkroom. As you might remember I blew the bulb on my enlarger the last time I was in there, and had a real hard time finding a new one. Ended up buying a piece with a bit different specks than the old one, but everything seems to work fine enough with this bulb as well. I might just as well buy another 10 of that bulb, since it was a cheap solution compared to the original bulb. I guess you never know when the next one going south... or, in fact it will of course go black with some sort of bad timing. Murphy's law, you know. 

Anyway, I was in the darkroom and made four prints 30x40 size. The wife have been asking for them for some time now, so couldn't wait for much longer. It was good, I can tell you, to be inside the dark place again printing for a few hours. 

There was quite a few White Horses to see when traveling around the countryside. This one's from a town, though. Oxford, as it happens... And I know about the lack of sharpness and all that, but the exposure was fine though, don't you think? It was not a place known for it's great light conditions, to put it that way...

More news! You've obviously heard a lot about Ona on this blog, the tiny little skerry in the ocean where we got this tiny little place we use to stay every now and then in weekends and stuff. 
Well, this tiny little place is now going to sort of be our home for the next few years. My wife applied for a job up there not too long ago, and she got it. She will have to use the ferry to get to work every day, but that's not a bad thing compared to what she's going through every day in her current job sitting in the traffic jam in and out of town. There's no such thing as a traffic jam out there, with only a very small handful of people living there. 
It's going to be nice to finally get the chance to stay there a lot more for a period of time. I say a period of time, because the job she got is in the administration for the small county up there, as the head of school and cultural dept. 
The small county is going to be merged into a bigger unit in a couple of years time, which means she will probably get a choice at some point to either stay put up there to do her work, or move to a bit more central place to do her job. We will see... but as for now we're moving up there. From new year, that is. 
We're going up there this weekend, by the way. Friday afternoon at 16.54 it's the 150 years anniversary for the lighthouse up there. Of course there was a building period prior to this, but at least that was the exact time the light shone from the tower for the first time. So it's party time, of course. A little bit of partying, but also a bunch of what I'm hoping to be very interesting lectures about both the lighthouse history and other stories from back in the days. I've seen the program for the weekend, and it looks great. So we decided to join in to celebrate the old iron tower for a couple of days, and we're looking forward to it. 
I'm also bringing a few bits and pieces up there. I got this darkroom out on Ona, as you might know. Probably one of, if not the most remote darkroom in Norway. OK, I know there's a small one in Longyearbyen on Svalbard too, but that's in a different league I guess. Almost on the north pole, and everything. 

From one of my walks on the quayside around The Clyde, Glasgow and Scotland. Oh well... I guess it speaks for itself, to be honest. Nikon FM2, or maybe one of them rangefinders. I know I carried both sorts this day...

Well, I think I need to run. I promised this guy that he could borrow one of my Mamiya RZ67 cameras for a while, so I need to pack the thing down and ship it away. Need to decide what lenses to ship along as well, since I certainly need a few of them myself as well the next few days going to Ona and everything. I'm also joining the camera club for a shooting on Tuesday next week, and my plan was to bring one of them beasts with a good lens or two. We'll see. 

I don't know how many of you are still here to check the blog, but hopefully there's still a couple of you around. 

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  1. To think I know the fellow with the remotest darkroom in Norway!

    Good luck with your move! Sounds like a great job opportunity for your wife.

    Don't get me started on employers blocking useful Internet sites. It's just stupid.

    1. Thank you lots, Jim! Yeah... I hope it's going to be a good opportunity for her to switch job now.
      Very stupid, indeed! I can't see any good reasons for them to actually do this, but that's another story. I hope they find a way to do something about it, as it's going to give me a lot of trouble not being able to read my email through the four weeks at work.

  2. Sorry to hear you won't be posting as regularly. This site is on my daily read list. Isn't Google a basic human right or something by now? You should tell the UN about this.
    I like the flower photo. Flowers are difficult because the petals are often overexposed compared to the rest of the scene. Yours turned out very well.

    1. Thanks for your good support, Marcus :)
      I will have to try to make the best out of it, anyway. Hopefully I'll manage to get something posted in one way or the other.

  3. Nice to have you back, Roy. And obviously good news about the move to the wee island. Perhaps you can rig up a satellite feed on board the Subsea Viking? Sorry, that's probably not the most helpful of suggestions for your predicament :) Is it just Google stuff they are blocking? Perhaps a move to Wordpress might circumvent the Google police (?)

    1. Thanks, Michael :)
      I'll have a look at the Wordpress option when I get back on board and get some time to check out solutions on the issue. I'm not sure if that option has been taken away as well, but I'll find out pretty quick I'll guess.


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