søndag 23. august 2015

Film to slow you down?

Film slows you down, in some way. At least it slows me down a huge lot compared to the couple of years I was doing digital crap. 
Still, there is one kind of a blog I used to have a look at every now and then a little while ago, where things just went totally through the roof at some point. Like a hobby film photographer on speed, or something like that. I mean, what's the point doing this when the only goal you got is to send a certain amount of film through your camera in a year? And yes, as a result I think the results are quite dull, and at times horrible. The photos of this photographer gives me nothing anymore, and I can't find one single story told in the pictures. A shame, I have to say, because there's nothing wrong with the photographers technique or anything. Still there is something, at least for me, important missing inside the photos. Call it "mojo", "soul" or whatever. I'm not following this photographer anymore, so that's what I did about it.

And hey, get this right: I am not in any kind of belief that my own pictures necessarily is better than this photographer I was talking about. I got a lot of crap, you see! These are from some film I found lurking about a few weeks ago. I have gone through it before, mind you, but there was something there I have not stopped to look at, if you understand...
Like these two, of one of the AB's on board my vessel. A truly cool rocking old horse from down south in Norway. 

Stone walls in Scotland. I simply love them! Floating around all over the place, patterning things up neatly and just is there. Probably forever. This was a nice one I found in Scrabster during a short walk one day we were stuck in there for some odd reason. I think I need to revisit this one some day, if I ever get the chance. Walls, the rocky sort you find over here in Scotland, truly tell stories. There's almost a story in each and every stone if you look at it that way. At least there's been a lot of hassle involved.

Don't know why I post this actualy, as I think I even has posted it before on here somewhere. It's one of the first photos I did with one of my small, old and worn cameras. A german thing from the very early 60's. Great lens and everything on this one, but fireing it off at four in the morning at the bus station in "B" mode, only supporting it on a litterbin counting seconds in my head would be to just taking chances, and spoil film. I did anyway, and have to say that the result was quite good. That's reason enough to post it for me. I'm that kind of guy, you know. Taking bold chances like that, all the time. I kid you not! It's a great feeling, at times...

These pictures are all from german stuff, anyway. Three of them from M models, one from an E model of some kind. Some boxy kind, that is. Two lenses and everything, and good it is as well. The shutter is barely audible, for whatever good that might be. I like them, though. They got something to them that some times telling me to not screw things up. Not that I always listen to that crap, but it's there anyway. 
My japaneese stuff never do that. Noisy they are as well. I take the same kind of pictures with them as with the german things, which makes me think that I might be good at ignoring them all, in some kind of way. 

I should really have someone to knock me hard in the head when I write to much on here. It's just this head of mine... or a syndrome or whatever it is. I write to much in general, probably. 

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  1. I know what you mean about some people and film. I know some-one who is just like your blogger friend - this guy posts images all the time to a FB group I am in and it is just overkill. Using film does not mean you are a good photographer, or take interesting photographs, which is what some people seem to think. BTW great photographs here Roy - your 'snaps' always tell a story.


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