onsdag 26. august 2015

Here's Two for You

Just a quick post, as I seem to have temporary lost the capability of putting words through from my mind and onto this screen. 
Had a hard night at work last night trying to fix that yellow big thing to the right in the lower picture of the two. A big offshore crane that is, even though it might look that big in this picture as was stowed into it's stowing position. It obviously does not appear as yellow in this picture, just because it came out like this after the light had passed the emulsion of some B&W film a good while ago. 
This is the way the back deck of the ship I work on looks like when it's not over crowded with this and that and all sorts. 
The crane now works again, thank heavens, after me and the electrician did try most of our good old tricks on it until 4 in the morning, so that should make me sleep quite well for a few hours I would think, until I need to be up on my two feet again soon, doing more work as things are these days. 
None of the old tricks worked though, of course, so we had to invent a couple of new ones. They are now filed and recorded as new tricks, and will probably come in handy some day sooner rather than later if I know the ways of it's bits and pieces right. It's a moody lump of old dutch steel that one, you see. 

Both snaps were taken with some heavy, bulky, boxy and lovely Mamiya RZ67 medium format camera. I got a pile of them, but I can live with that.

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  1. That's one hell of a hard job you do Roy, out there in the middle of the cold sea. The rest of us don't even think about it when we fill up our cars. I think about long does this damn thing take to put 50l of diesel fuel in before I can 'get on with my life' - hardly realising that putting that diesel in is actually part of my life lol. And in the middle of all that you haul about a RZ67 just for our entertainment? For once words fail me... (but great snaps, as always).

    1. haha... nice one Michael! But fact is that it's just another job, and it's not exactly that hard each and every day. Sometimes it is, but mostly it's perfectly good. The state and angle of the floor and horizon may give us a few challenges at times, but you learn to cope with that. As for the hauling of those RZ's... it's only a pleasure my friend! I'll do it any time I can :))


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