lørdag 29. august 2015

Time passes slowly...

"Time passes slowly, up here in the mountains..."
Probably some true words from one of my absolute favourite writers of all times, Bob Dylan. 
Well, I tell you, and Bob Dylan, that time passes very slowly out here at sea as well. And I kid you not! 
Been here for well over two weeks now, which should mean I got two short weeks left of this trip at work. 

Lerwick, Shetland. I like to walk around this bits of the world. Gives me peace and everything. It's a "textured" town as it happens, and I kind of like that. The man inside the frames looked a bit "textured" as well, to be maybe a notch too honest, but that's what I am at times. It was all good. This was snapped with a japaneese F3 camera onto quite fresh posh english film named HP5 me thinks.

I truly look forward of going home this time. I might even get some work done of the fun kind. Not very fun, but the result is something I look forward to, very much. I need to build up a more or less light tight wall down in the basement, and I'll get from that a designated darkroom. 
As of today I have to share the bathroom with loads of girls, teenagers and you know... all the lot. Meaning that I got to use it at night time if I want to get any good old proper paper printing done. Meaning further that it's not possible to get such things done each and every day. That's why I need that darkroom set up soon. Not that it is an idea that came to me two days ago like. Been there for years and years it has, but now it seems that I finally can get the time to get some work done. I'll keep you updated as I stroll along.

Don't know how you would do it, but this teenager (one of the bunch of many users of my current "darkroom" btw) found it convenient to also use the streets of Oslo for her breakfast not to long ago. Like you would... probably. 

They acted like freekin' bulls, but according to some one who should know, they were young cows. Pretty agressive looks anyway, and the behaviour was kind of likevise. Angry creatures they were. Mamiya RZ67 with some lens, and seen through some film. Probably chinamade Shanghai GP3, of the rather matured kind, living in my drawer as you should know.

Yesterday was crew change day in Kirkwall, Orkney. A long and by all means a truly bad day. Some times it feels like there's only one person that has to do everything. Ever experienced that? Of course it's not the truth, but it certainly feels like the truth there and then. 
Anyway, at work for 24 hrs. running all around doing more or less everything because of too few crew members having the right courses, too few crew members being on shift and you know the story. 
Well, at least we had the computer issue sorted out, the one that made me have to change to a watch system that does not quite suit me any more. Threw myself to bed finally, and woke up at four this morning wondering what was going on. Thought I was going to work again. Good thing was that I managed to sleep some more. 
Then up for a muster alarm at seven in the morning, just a test and for training purposes, mind you. But still had to get on my feet. Then short breakfast, and then hell broke loose, again. 
Major leakage of sea water into a room down here in the ship somewhere... and I tell you I got my feet wetened, soon enough as it was experienced. Not only my feet either, as the water leak was coming around the area in a spraying kind of way. 
And who do you think had to start do something about it?? Among 70 persons on board, yours truly was the lucky guy... again.
So I called the captain, asked him to come down and have a look at the fun. I know this guy well enough, and he can't let things like this pass without getting the chance to get his hands dirty and have a good old chat and all. So he came down and helped me sort the tragedy out. We had lots of fun as well, so that was good then. After all, of course. 
So the pipe works now. No leaks and what have you. All welded, padded and sorted out in a good manner, as we do. 

Ahhh... I'll never forget snapping this. As I have told you before, strolling the streets with a huge boxy Mamiya RZ67 is weird in many ways. You get these looks at times, as this woman of Bath in England completely managed to set up one day a couple of years ago. She did not look too pleased, to be absolutely honest, and dare I say she did not sound to pleased as well. But then again no harm was actualy done, and the world settled for both of us quite shortly after the snap was hidden inside my huge box. 

You think I better stop saying stuff now...? 
OK, I'll do just that then.

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  1. Street photography with an RZ67? Seriously? That must be great fun.

  2. Hi Michael! It sure is fun, but will probably give me a sour back at some point. It's a heavy system, and you don't bring to much extra equipment along such as an arsenal of lenses and stuff. The camera, one lens and a few films, and off you go! But it's a lot of fun for sure. You get all these strange faces looking your way :))


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