lørdag 15. april 2017

Seems like we finally have a plan, sort of...

Another couple of snaps coming your way folks. Just negative scans, as per usual. I need to get something done about that some time soon, of course. Can't see it happen at any point during the next two or three weeks as I will still be out on the big blue for a little while more. 
Looks like I'm coming towards the end of film #03 of the 365 project as well. Only a few more frames and I'll have to change the roll and put in a fresh one. I got a couple of rolls inside my bag, so don't worry about that. I'm a bit in doubt though if I better slow it down to 400 ASA at this time of year, or if I just should carry on with the same push through the full project. 
I think I'll sleep on that one, to be honest. 

The plan forward when it comes to work seems to be something like this:
- Stay on this current job for another five or six days
- Go in to Lerwick for a quick stop, some fuel and get rid of stuff on deck
- Go out again to more or less the same place for a couple of days work
- Go to Peterhead to demob stuff and send the client people away (that's home) for a while
- Go home on the 27th
- Get back on the 25th of May, probably down south in Great Yarmouth
- Sail north to get a job done somewhere east of Shetland
- Sail over to Ireland to do some work off the coast over there
- Crew change and go home from Killybegs, Ireland.

That's the plan, anyway. What things looks like when reality kicks in, nobody knows. That's as per usual in this kind of game, as you might have come to learn. 
At least I must say I really hope to get the chance to get a quick glimpse of Ireland, at last...

The same scaffolding as posted a few days ago, but with a bit different view on the thing. Oh, and this was taken in bright sunlight with a yellow filter mounted on the fine german 35mm lens I got for the old rangefinder. 

I think this was seen through the Nikon FM2 from up the hill above Nigg, in the norhtern end of Cromarty Firth a while ago. It was a nice enough day for a walk, but I ended up going alone from the ship. Lazy folks I'm sailing with, probably. Or maybe they had work to do? I guess not, since it was on a sunday and we had been in port for quite a long time anyway. Oh well, at least this is the view you get from up there, in the middle of the hill somewhere. 

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  1. Killybegs! I've been there! I'll put a photo up on my blog sometime in the next week or two of the harbor. Kind of cool that there's a place now that's part of your world that I know.

    1. Sounds great Jim! I'll be watching your space then, as usual. Or, it's been a while now, to be honest, as there's been things going on at work lately. I'll be back for a real catch-up soon though :)

  2. Sounds good, Roy - let's hope Killybegs comes off and let's also hope we can meet. That would be another Grey/Karlsvik/McNeill link, which would be pretty cool. Who knows, we might even make a photographic record of the event ;)

  3. I'm crossing fingers that a meeting might be possible some day soon, Michael. And sure it would be cool as ice to be able to take that photo somehow :))


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