tirsdag 11. april 2017

In the process of mooring up

That's it. Another job done and we're in for a short demob and further mob for the next little project. This time we're heading north, which should be a lot easier as the ship should know the way very well on her own I think. We've been that way before, as you should know if you have followed this thing for a while. 

The Attain and The Erin Wood on dry land on the slipway inside Peterhead Harbour. 

Anyway. A couple of days ashore will only do us good, I hope. Maybe I'll even get the chance to stretch them old sea dog legs for all we know. That would be good, if it ever happens. I'll let you know if it does. 

A dock worker going home from work

Peterhead... We've been here before as well. And I got a few snaps from this place from long time ago when I was out strolling along with a Rolleiflex and a rangefinder made by people spräch(ing) the language I never managed to learn very well. OK, I might understand a few words and sentences, but speaking it... that's a completely different story I'm afraid. I can read and actually understand some of it though, for whatever that might be worth. 

The Lapwing in shelter

You have most likely seen these snaps before, but I post them again. It's probably a while since I posted them anyway. 
We just finished the moorings and stopped most of the engines and made ourselves ready for a lot of noise through the night. There will be welders and joiners working around the clock to make everything ready to go offshore again ASAP. There's always this chaos when ashore as this is not where we make the money, of course. In fact it's a lot more spending than earning, by the look of things. 

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  1. I really enjoy it when you share photos of ships and from the sea. It's a world I have zero contact with here in land-locked Indiana.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jim.
      It's a bit strange for me to think that way, as I always feel I'm posting too much of the stuff. It's probably just me getting a bit tired of it because it's a rather large part of my life, as you know. I'm not used to thinking that others might not see the sea for months or years, or maybe even never or at least very rarely.
      I'll see to remember to take your view on it a bit more into account :)

    2. The stuff we see every day becomes mundane. To others, it might be something seldom or never seen!

  2. I'd imagine the average Peterheadian (?) has quite a strong accent ;)

    1. He has, Michael. He really, really has!


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