søndag 9. april 2017

Another three from the 365

Three more then, as per usual, from the 365@50 docunetation of the days in my life of 2017. There's nothing much of interest here either, but it might get better and maybe not. We will see.
At least I'm still going on, snapping one each day on the F3 using the old Ilford PAN400 film pushed to 1600.
Oh well... over to them snaps!

#028: I went over here early in the morning. To the ferry quay not too far from the house. Wanted to take a look inwards the long and rather straight fjord going south from this place, but the light was nothing good so I dropped my initial thought of pointing the camera into that direction. I might do that some other day... 

#029: Down by the sea some other place, also rather close to home. The sign tells you to keep your anchor inside your boat unless you're not prepared to take the chance of getting shit all over it... and probably also a huge bill for repair of the old sewage pipe going way out to sea from here.

#030: This looks a bit better. It's the old road where my wife used to walk and bicycle every sunday back and forth to visit her grandad. This is just a very short piece of it, mind you, as she had to walk for about three miles back in the days. We still stroll along here every now and then, and so do quite a few others nowadays. Back then there was no one doing that, as this was a long time ago and the times are a lot different now than they used to be.

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  1. Well my knowledge of the old Norwegian Lingo is sparse, it has to be said, but all I can say is that I'm impressed that so few words can mean so much...I'm kidding, of course, since I expect you have added a little extra for us non Norway-speaks-peoples :) Ankring Forbode I get, from my school-level German and a bit of context, but Avslaupsleidning is beyond my ken. All good stuff this lingo-stuff, though - our shared history is not so far away.

    And snaps good as always, Roy - your 365@50 going well, I have to say. April already and the F3 staying strong after the little hiccup. But I think you have a couple of cameras in reserve should it be necessary... :)

    1. Ah, of course there had to be someone actually looking at everything and try to make something out of it all :))
      OK, Avlaupsleiding (a very old way to say the word, as we would call it "kloakkledning" these days...) simply means "Sewage pipe". We tend to double up words over here, as you might know? In this case "avlaup" and "leidning" has become "avlaupsleidning".
      That's it about norwegian lingo stuff for today :)

  2. If ever I find myself on a TV quiz show, Roy, (unlikely), knowing the Norwegian for 'sewage pipe' may just be the thing I need to know. Perhaps :)


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