søndag 23. juli 2017

I got no clue at all...

...about where to start, that is. 
I've been away from here for quite some time, as some of you quite rightly already have discovered. It was probably for the better to all of us, after all. Been in holiday mode for a long time now, and that usually means that body and mind is all over the place but inside the webnet and thereabouts.

An oldie snapped from the island outside my home town a couple of years back on the Mamiya. The town lies just behind that strange looking mountain top there, as you might already knew. I sort of like this one, and should try to print it one day actually.

So, we went to old England, as you might remember. Just had to "do" the southern part of the country for once. Never travelled that way to any extent before.
And that's what I've been doing the last month or so. Travelling the southern part of England, driving 4522 miles, or 7281 km in our old Land Rover. That's a serious amount of brooms, grrrrrs, bumps and squeeks reaching your ears. Just saying!
We were able to stop around different places to have a good look at things in between all the driving, but we still have to wait in patience for the snaps. Or should I rather say we have to wait in patience to see if there's anything worth showing off. I don't remember many moments thinking I might have made any brilliant snaps, but we still have to wait and see. I could have been lucky without knowing about it. Things like that happens, you know. 

Another one from the archives. Bad times, as I have not been developing any film at all for some time. These are the mountains I see every day when at home, and the things you sort of miss when travelling here and there through Europe. There's nothing quite like it anywhere else, exept from Belgium... of course. At least according to one of the sort to whoom I spoke in Oxford during the holiday, but that's a story for another day, I suppose...
Anyway, this mountain is called "Jønshornet", peaks to 1419 meters above sea level, and you can (in theory, if you're a decent skier) ski downhill from the top and all the way down to sea level on both this side and the oposite side of it. In fact you can do the same thing from quite a few mountains along this fjord. Nice thought, actually. 

I only brought cameras for small 135 film this time. I was thinking about bringing the Rolleiflex as a medium format option, but then decided to leave it at home and travel kind of light instead. 
The Nikon F3 is still working and serving it's duty as the 365 camera for the year, so had to take that one of course. I also brought another Nikon, and one of the old German rangefinders. 
I had some hopes that my feet would lead me to some sort of camera shop at some point, as there's a couple of old Nikons around I would love to get my hands on if possible. 
Well, couldn't find any, so I saved the shillings for an even brighter day. 
Because bright it was, and hot. Way to hot for a norwegian, as you might have expected already. We're not used to this kind of temperatures for longer periods of time, but luckily there were pubs to visit every now and then. Very nice they are to find when others seem to have really found their shopping instincts, and are ready to go wild. 

Another one from home, looking straight across the fjord we're living at. I printed this one a few years ago and couldn't help from calling it "-og jenta hev eg lova" which actually is a few words from an ancient norwegian song about a man promising a bit too much to a woman at a time when people used to live very very far away from everything over here at this part of the world. This particular figure lived at a place looking something like the tiny little farm you might catch a glimpse of down by the water, surronded by mountains all around, with no hope to see other people every month of the year. And yes, the print was a wee bit better than this film-scan... 

I didn't find any Nikon cameras for sale anywhere. No F's anyway... but I did find something very different, and one that made me dig out a few pounds from my pockets. Actually I have been looking for one of these for a while, but the prices has gone far out of proportion these days. 
It's the nice little Olympus-PEN EE-3 we're talking about. Useless half format kind of thing, as you might know. Nothing for the masses, but might be great for a couple of extremely grainy, underexposed snaps every now and then. At least that's what I hope for. Something a bit better than the Diana Mini, but still into that same kind of weird and rough style. Maybe.
We will find out when the first couple of rolls are due for some developer inside that Paterson tank.

Archive again. From the seaside this time, and a place I really love to go for some nice snaps of the ocean during autumn and winter time. This was with the Leica M3 snapped on HP5 I think. I'm absoultely sure about the camera, because I had to empty it of sleet, snow and rain by the time I got to the car. That rather black wall out there is a mighty bunch of snow, as it happens, and it hit me big-time before I had finished off my stroll along the rocky beach.

OK. Enough bla bla for now, and hopefully I will be back in a very short time with more. 
I'm afraid this month is going to be very tricky for me when it comes to posting pictures, but I will try my very best. 
I will probably have to post a few you have seen too many times already, but I hope you can just follow along anyway. I have nothing new at all, I think. There is still a few from the 365 to post, but I'll wait a few days with that. 
I have been snapping some stuff, but I yet have to get all them rolls duly washed and bathed, according to procedure in this game. 

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  1. Just happy you're back. Through the magic of RSS, your audience will be here whenever you get around to posting. Enjoy the little Olympus!

    1. Thank you very much, Jim. Nice to see you're still around :)
      I was just in the process of starting to have a look at all your posts I've not yet been reading. I even noticed there's one about one of my favourite cameras posted lately, the Pentax Spotmatic.
      Really looking forward to a good few days of reading :))

  2. Half-frame, eh? Sounds great, Roy - can't wait to see the results. And...great to have you back, of course!

    That was a lot of miles in the Landy - you must have got a good 'un. Glad you found suitable places to quench that not inconsiderable thirst you must have had :) I have to admit, English Pubs are the best, especially the country ones. Although some town ones are good too, like the Turf Tavern in Oxford which I know you visited. It took me a very long time, I have to admit, to get to like English Ale. I mean, on a hot day who really wants a warm, flat beer? But, after lots of practice :) I eventually acquired the taste for it and anytime I find myself in that God-forsaken country I will endeavour to find a tasty cask Bass or similar. Actually it too me slightly longer before I understood the attraction of the game of cricket, but that's another story for another day...

    And...great snaps, as usual. Like the last one in particular.

    1. Quite a lot of miles for sure, but it went all well without any issues. Those locals are driving like crazy though, at least when you take into concideration they drive on the wrong side of the road and everything... Luckily they usually brew some nice beer, so I chose to stay away from explaining them how to drive and such.
      The half frame... well, I'll post the results of course, but please don't turn up your expectations to full blast as half frame still will be half frame cameras. Cool thing is that we had this safety tour around the vessel yesterday, and I brought it along just in case an opportunity or two for a quick snap should pop. One of the crew members suddenly asked me if I carried one of them nice little half-frame film cameras... I mean how cool is that? Turned out he's a film guy himself as well. I need to sit down with him one day and have a chat to find out if he's a real film waster or what. How deep into things he is, if you know what I mean... which I'm quite sure you do :)


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