torsdag 27. juli 2017

Even more 365@50 snaps

Just dropping by to tell you that I've not forgot about this years "big" project, my 365 snaps done on Ilford PAN400 film only.
Well, it's not that big thing when you think about it. Opening the shutter for a very brief moment each 24 hours or so on the Nikon F3 is not exactly a lot of hard work when you start thinking about it.
The only thing you have to remember is to bring the camera wherever you go if you are going away for a longish period of time, and to do the same if you leave the house for a shorter period of time as well and have not yet snapped your daily one.
And that's about it. Everything else is rather easy, sort of. You just have to decide what's going to be todays shot, and get it done at some point. Sometimes it's damn easy, other times not... and you end up with something totally stupid of course. But that's life.
Each and every snap will be posted, no matter what they look like and no matter how far off the exposure is. There might be a few strange looking ones every now and then, as you see examples of below, because the mechanics inside the old F3 is not what it used to be back in the days. The mirror locks up every now and then, but that's the way it is with old cameras. I'll just keep on keeping on, no matter.

Here's the batch of four for todays post, all snapped way back in February. I need to speed up on posting obviously, but will have to get a few more rolls developed before I dare to do so.

Looking back inside my notebook for the notations written about them, we find the following wise words written:

#052: DPO at "work" deep in his own thoughts.
#053: My notebooks on the table. Stuff found in my cabin.
#054: Duly tagged centercore taken on board. Carousel room.
#055: Olympic Taurus somewhere offshore Scotland.





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  1. All very good, mate - keep 'em coming as and when. And...#053 is my favourite from this bunch - simplicity itself but very nicely done on that old F3.

    1. Thanks, Michael :)
      Yeah, #053 is not too bad, after all


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