fredag 28. juli 2017

A different kind of selfie

We have all discovered how popular the selfie has become these days. I mean somebody even constructed a brand new word for it, and everything. 
I'm no good at them, I have to say. I even sucked doing them back in the days when they were called self portraits. I have tried, but I look like a fool no matter how many times I go for it so I have sort of given up.
This one was a bit simpler, though. Didn't have to think too much about what I looked like or anything. It was the shadow which caught my eye in the first place... and the lines all over the place, of course. 
Well, here it is. Done with one of the rangefinders with the wide lens attached and the orange filter in place, as you might see.

2 kommentarer:

  1. A most excellent selfie, Roy! Great spot - all those lines and what have you. Superb!

    1. Thanks mate! It's not like this blog is going to be full of this sort of snaps in the future!


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