torsdag 25. mai 2017

Just signed in at my cabin again

After a few busy days back home it certainly was about time to get to work again as one's in too much need of keeping the constant stream of cash flowing through the system these days. To keep the wheels of the world turning, I'm told.
Well, at least all this means I'm back on board the ship since mid-day yesterday, and already well into subsea work somewhere out there. North Sea for a few days now, before the plan is to go in for some throwing stuff off and on before we go out for a new job. 
So that's the overall plan, and we will later see if we were able to keep to it or not, and where we end up working.

Look at this tiny thing standing out in the North Sea somewhere, pointing towards the blue sky and just looking very pleased with everything in some weird way. Dutch sector of the sea, if my memory serves me right for a change. Done on one of them german rangefinders, I believe. With the 21 mm lens attached, by the look of the perspective and all.

You should have seen the weather out here today as it was absolutely fantastic. Up to the point when the fog came in, of course. Right now I can't for all the pesetas in the world even see the back deck of the ship from here. That's rather foggy, just saying.

Same place, kind of, but snapped from a different place on board the ship. Same nice weather as this morning, by the way. Not so now, because the fog is pretty dense at the moment. It will get better though, some day. Rangefinder, again.

Before I left home I had a few bits and pieces checked and re-checked. We're going for a drive as soon as I come home in about four weeks time, as you might remember. Over to old England, you know. And maybe Wales, and maybe a short trip into Scotland for all I know. We will see how far we gets before the landy breaks down, I guess.
So, I had to have a good look at the different moving parts of the car, and also see to that my old kerosene fired camp stoves were working as they should. I need something to boil some good old coffee on while I'm away, you know. And something to cook breakfast on should it be needed would be absolutely needed, so I had them things brought out and tested to find out if any maintenance was needed. Well, nothing major had happened to them I'm happy to inform you all about. 
Still I bought a few parts I know might come in handy should the thing fail at some point. I like these old burners from the mid 1900's for some reason. Maybe because this type of stove kept me warm through my year of military service back in the days or something. And they just keep on working, which is a good enough reason to still keep them and maintain them, I guess.
As you might know, I like stuff running on fuel and working... it's just a minor deficiancy of profession, mind you.

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  1. Great shots always. And, I hope the Landy does you proud fir the trip - sounds good!

    1. Thanks, Michael. I just hope it's able to take me all the way and back home. Should be, though. I've seen more battered examples of this type of car around I have to say, so it should be possible to make it :)


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