fredag 19. mai 2017

I've been away, I know!

Not that I've been far away, as such, but away from the blog as you probably have managed to figure out well enough. Been enjoying life and stuff like that lately, as you should when you live where I do and having a few weeks of sunshine and mild(ish) weather. At least the temperatures has been great the last couple of days, but the weather as such has been absolutely fantastic for three weeks now. That does not happen every year, just saying!

A few of the "lines" I found during the short photography session at the photoclub last week. All of them straight, as you can see. There was some curvy ones as well as it happens, but that's for another day to see. I liked these windows, of course. Rolleiflex, HP5+ dunked in Rodinal. 

No big news when it comes to photography though. 
I've been around the hood for a few trips, snapped a couple of films of course. Nothing that will wipe any of you off your chairs one way or the other, mind you. 
Just done scanning a few recently developed rolls, but it's more or less the same old story there as well. Nothing ground breaking at all, it seems. They are all from that same roll of 120 film, the four posted here and now. It's probably all you will ever see from it as well.

This is Flø, not too far away from the cottage by the sea. You only have to drive for two minutes to get on the 20 min. ferry to take you over to the other side of the fjord, and then drive for another 15 min. or so. Then you're there looking at this, having the lovely light coming in and all. It's beautiful, at least when you manage to decide whether you want to expose for the sky or the stones in the foreground. Same camera and the same film as the one above. 

Oh, and I was at a meeting in the local photography club last week. It was a good couple of hours spent, and I even managed to take a few snaps with the old Rolleiflex believe it or not. The subject for the evening were "lines", and I found a few of them around the old building where the meetings are held. 
They got a darkroom there as well, but I've not seen it yet. It's not been used for quite a while, but I hope to be able to get that part sorted rather soon. 
One of the board members of the club has agreed to meet me tomorrow bringing a few keys so we can get in there and check out the condition and to what degree it's equipped. 
We'll find out some time later today, I hope. 

See? There's a nice beach here and everything. Nothing like the western isles over in the UK or anything, but compared to everywhere else over here it's nice. Period.

There suddenly was a real rush on my blog the last few days. I realized this just a couple of hours ago when starting to write this post. I started to wonder what all the fuzz was about, and think I found the reason of all the razzamatazz coming from this place as my blog friend over in the US, Mr. Jim Grey has been featured with his list of film blogs at PetaPixel. At least that's what I think it is, but I'm sure the good man over there will put things right if that's not right in any way. I just wanted to say it's a great list of blogs, and a very handy thing to find and look through from time to time, or even find a few new to follow. I hope I can at least get a couple of new followers out of it. It's really needed, I can tell you that much. 
Not that I'm going to stop blogging just because the interest is limited though, but you know. It's always nice to know someone is having a quick look at what you do, and to read the words you wright. 
The never ending waves hitting the beach at Flø right over there, pointing to the other side of the fjord and over that hill over there. It's a really nice place, as you obviously can see with your own eyes. Rolleiflex, HP5+ and Rodinal 1:25 

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  1. Happy to have shared your blog with the world!

  2. Good to have you back in the saddle, Roy. Great snaps and words as usual. Flø looks like a grand place for a day out :)

    1. Thank you, Michael. I like Flø a lot, as it happens. Another one of those peaceful places around here.


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