lørdag 4. november 2017

Too big for the scanner!

Getting rather close to midnight over here, and I'm just out of the darkroom. Seven prints done, where at least four of them will be on my list of prints heading for the jury deciding which ones are going to hang on the walls over at Devold towards Christmas. 
Having a quick look at things I would say I'll get a bit disappointed if not two of them will reach the wall, to be honest. To tell you the truth I'll also get a bit disappointed if one rather special one will not get sold at some point through the exhibition. 

Sorry for the pixels and everything, but the end product is as analogue as it possibly can get. 

Oh, and I also got rid of one of the blacksmith prints this evening. The man himself bought it, and I just realized I had another quite good neg lingering inside my archive so I printed that one as well. Turned out to produce a fairly nice print it did, so I might send that one off to the exhibition jury instead of the first one. I have to think about it, of course. As one does, sometimes. 
He's doing a blacksmith course this weekend, so I hope to be able to get there to maybe snap a few with one of the Mamiya's, or something. I might even just bring the Rolleiflex, for all we know. If I'll go I bring the print as well, of course. At least if I can find the time to have it selenium toned, dried and spot checked before Sunday afternoon. 

Oh... and they don't fit inside my tiny scanner, I'm afraid. That's why I only can bring you lousy snaps from my telephone thing, as most people do these days anyway...

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  1. The door photo reminds me of Eugene Atget, who documented the streets of Paris. He sold many photos to painters so they didn't have to 'waste time' looking for details on doors etc for their paintings. I've read this was once a big business when photography was in its infancy. Maybe I should make photos of tourist spots and sell them to phone photographers with the GPS coordinates and direction written on the back. Then they make the same photo to share on Instagram. haha
    My favourite photo is of the dancers. Perfectly composed and misty, like it's seen in a memory. (I'm not sure 'misty' is the word I really want, but you know what I mean).

    1. Thank you, Marcus. Misty is a good enough word as anything for this particular print, I guess. The snap was taken through some very dirty windows, which made a somewhat "interesting" effect, we may call it. The print is wrapped up in paper as we speak, as it's going somewhere else before christmas. Printed on ART 300 paper 30x40 size. A beautiful paper, me thinks.

  2. Cracking prints, Roy - nice to see some big ones! Hope you get them selected for the exhibition and sell a few, too.

    1. Thank you, Michael. Four prints out of four on the wall... I think everything went through to be honest, but that's OK :)
      I don't have high hopes to sell anything though :)


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