søndag 5. november 2017

Nice lens mounted on that old Rolleiflex!

I was here just a few weeks ago, at the Fitjar island a bit down south and western part of the country of Norway. I always seem to find myself somewhere along the coast line by the way. This time we were laid up with the ship for about a week in between a couple of jobs. It was somewhat boring, to tell the truth. Got a couple of snaps done with the Rolleiflex though, so that would still mean it was good for something. 
I sort of like the one with the collection of abandoned road signs for some reason, to be honest. I might even find out why some day for all we know. 

 A tiny jungle of roadsigns leaned towards a steel wall. Looking at them now I can see a couple of them fitting rather well inside the engine room of the ship. I'm glad I didn't see that possibility that day, after all :))

We had a couple of other ships laid up alongside the same quay at the time. They've been there for a while, I think. Bad times for the industry, you know. 
As we were parked here for a bit of time my engine crew was appointed to take a good daily inspection round on board the two other ships as well, just to act as a support for the guys who usually have to drive for a couple of hours to get the rather small job done. 
The outer one of the two ships were a breeze to go through. The inner one not so. Not at all, as it happens. You will not believe me if I started to talk about it anyway, so I leave it be. 
Let's just say you're never completely all alone on board that one... Freaky thing, it was for sure!

A couple of snaps taken with the Rolleiflex, obviously with the aperture thing more or less fully open just to add some separation inside the frames. Seems like I missed the exposure a bit. I think the faster shutter times on that thing is a bit slow to be honest, but I've never got it checked or anything. At least it's getting a tiny bit better when adding a yellow filter as I did here. 

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  1. Great shots - the light in the last one is lovely. Your eye was certainly 'in' that day, Roy :)

    1. Thank you Mucho, Michael :)
      I know, I know... I'm very much behind on everything with this blog... as expected, to be honest. We might see a bit more of it in the months to come, as I at least seemed to manage talking the IT dept. into a deal with the google stuff. We still have to see if it will happen, of course.
      Now off to read a few blog posts from the last couple of months before I start on my own stuff, with my own words and all that sorts. You know...!

  2. Good news about the Internet, Roy - hopefully those 0s and 1s will just appear somewhere inside the Subsea Viking one day soon when you aren't even expecting them to. And then normal service can be resumed...


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