mandag 28. august 2017

A couple of new Nikons

I was looking around for a couple of lightweight lenses a couple of weeks ago as you might remember. The old Nikon E series glass are known to be good performers, light weight and used to be Nikons cheaper series of lenses.
I got a couple of E-series lenses from earlier, but the focal lengths is a bit on the odd side to my liking, and zooms are not exactly my cup of tea even though I have a few in boxes around the house. I don't use them much, as a lot of you know by now, but I've been thinking about wiping the dust off a couple of them some time this week. Just to give them a tiny chance, you know. If I can even find them, that is. It's a bit cluttered in the lens department, to be honest. In addition there are quite a few of them out on loan as well... but I have to collect them soon, I think. 

A nice find just outside the Dartmoor area a few weeks back, during our summer drive around the southern parts of England. A beautiful classic Rolls Royce is not exactly a common sight on this side of the North Sea these days. This one was strategically parked in the center of Tavistock, where we went for a nice walk since it seemed to be a fitting place for a stop. Leica M3 on Ilford FP4 film. 

So I managed to get a 35mm and a 50mm E-series lens, of which I wrote about a few days ago, from two different norwegian guys. Both lenses also contained a camera, meaning I'm also getting two Nikon EM cameras.
One of them is already here, and the other one should be in the house monday if the mailman still can be trusted these days.
The 35mm lens and the first Nikon EM has already been tested and seems to work perfectly. Seems like neither the lens nor the camera have been used a lot up through the years to be honest. Looks brand new to me, and there's even a strap on the camera and a UV filter on the lens... I mean how much luck can one man have when buying a camera for next to nothing?
On the back side, I should hasten to tell, everything smells a lot of old tobacco smoke. I mean to an extent that it's been hanging outdoors since they arrived. Oh, and there was also this old Tamron zoom lens following the same deal as well. All in all a good deal, as the prices for these E-series lenses seems to be a bit on the unrealistic side these days.
Nice to see then, that a good camera deal can still be done... on a good day.

England again. This time far south and west, in the St. Ives Bay area. Not too busy here on this side of the bay, meaning it was possible to get a snap containing only two tourists out running on the beach. It was a too hot day for any running if you ask me, but you don't. Leica M3, Ilford FP4+

I think I'll just give the two cameras away to someone eager to test film photography for the first time. After all I can't see them getting into much use in my hands anyway, and I can't say I feel too connected to them either. I mean it's always a bit different with things having been handed down to you from somebody, because that happens at times as well when people have decided you're a camera collector. If you didn't consider yourself one in the beginning, you soon will no matter what the original plan was.
There's one of them old and rather worthless cameras out on loan right now, to a girl with a set of very good eyes. I still think that's an OK thing to do, as long as there are people interested in taking them out for a short while to waste a roll of film or two just for fun, or in a bit more serious way. Usually there will be a couple of really nice frames in between a couple of rubbish ones... as with most of us.
Hopefully, some day, I'll get another person interested enough to be able to use this pile of equipment a lot better than myself. Both on the developing and printing side of things, and not at least when it comes to the snapping bit of things. Seeing the right moment, choosing the right angles and framing stuff in the right way.
At least in their own eyes.

An ever so slightly overexposed street scene from St. Ives itself. Busy old place, as you might know, but nice nonetheless. The old man to the left standing outside his front door having his morning smoke without even noticing a single tourist sort of said a lot about the locals and what they have to go through during a few months in the summer. Leica M3, Ilford FP4+. All three frames are from the same film, by the way...

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  1. I hoped one or both of my sons would become interested in photography but I was not so fortunate. Honestly, I fear that when I die, my sons will simply sell my collection! Horror!

    1. Jim, you should write me into your will right away! :)

    2. Oh, that sure sounds like real horror to me as well, Jim.
      Let's hope they will be doing things a bit different when the day comes... and lets most of all hope that it's a very very long time until the question even comes up :))

  2. The first shot could be one for English Heritage - quintessential, old chap! :)

    I like it!


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