onsdag 8. juli 2015

No kiddin'...

...the sun is shining, even though I'm Way Out West of Shetland these days! How cool is that? It's not happening to often, I have to admit.
Else, this day has been more or less packed with shit as well. The two norwegians pedaling through France this year was pretty close today, but lacked that little extra for the victory on the 5'th stage. Other chances will come though, so I just prepare for that to happen any day soon.

I kind of like this. It's from Orkney, and I just call it "220" even though it was definately shot on some 120 film through the lovely glass of my Rolleiflex.

The Offshore Manager of the company that hires our ship came through the door of my cabin to pay me a short visit for some old nagging yesterday evening. He noticed a couple of old Nikon cameras lying spread around the tiny area and started to discuss a lot of stuff regarding the subject of cameras in general, and old Nikon's in special. His jaws slack and drivel down his cheek probably indicated that he had seen something similar at some point earlier in life, mumbeling something about an old F4 some place at home. I would love to take over that camera, but the problem these days obviously is that people know that they can put it on e-bay instead and get a few lousy bucks for it. Better give it to me, I think! Well... the F4 is battery prone, so actually not on the very top of my wish list as I hate battery powered cameras. That's only valid if I have to pay money for them though, so I grab them any time for free!
Anyway... the Manager went off having forgot all about the stuff he was nagging about, so those old Nikon's helped a lot for sure.

This was not shot on any Nikon, but rather "my" old Voigtländer Vito B from the late 50's. The camera is actually my father's, but I think I better take care of it. The shutter is half dead at long exp. times, but it's getting better ever so slowly :)

By the way! Getting closer to hometravel day now. One week to go, and I will be off from here and on my way back home. I bet there's more than enough going on to keep me busy over there as well, but will be great to get home to my loved ones and to a bed that's not rolling around for no reason. 
Maybe I'll get started on the process of building my darkroom as well this month?! I got the space now, and only need to actually build the bloody thing. Will be great not having to crawl around on the bathroom floor to do that old silverprinting! 

A lucky shot using a home made pinhole camera from an old coffee box. It's just the box, a tiny wee hole, and some very old (45 yrs. or so) B&W photographic paper my father handed over to me not long ago. I love pinholes!

Well! Thinking about my post from yesterday I should really stop now. People are not that keen on reading a million words when they are just bull anyway. 
Have a great evening, all of you 0 readers! :)

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