fredag 10. juli 2015

How is it even possible...?

As all 0 of you will know by now, I work on a ship. There's a lot of others working on the same ship as well, and there are offices not to far from my cabin. Every office and cabins have at least one, often a bunch of, telephones. We are calling each other if we need to speak to someone, which is quite useful and also quite normal in other offices as well, I would think. 
What's weird though, is that some times someone never give up a call when no one is answering the phone! You would think that if you call someone that's sitting 30 cm from their phone would be able to pick it up within a minute or so?? Why wake up the whole ship to get hold of someone that's obviously not there anyway? Someone on board probably have some kind of strange way to make themselves heard.

The beach of Dingieshowe in Orkney, a most lovely beach where norse people has thread before. Shot with a Leica M6, Summicron 35mm on Tri-X film. Not the best choice maybe, but I had a few rolls I had to finnish off.

So, you might think I actually fixed that separator yesterday, didn't you? No way! Tested today, and found even more issues with it. Worked on it for hours just to eventually find the photocell detecting oil in water to be bugging up the whole unit. A 25 sec. job to clean out. Now it's good though, so tomorrow will be a brighter day, at least seen in that perspective. 

Ever seen the view from our cottage by the sea at Sulesund, Norway? Well, here it is anyway. Taken some time ago with that same Leica M6, but with a different lens this time. Elmarit 21mm wide angle stuff. I have no clue of what film was used, as I am far away from the originals out here at sea.

Friday today, and weekend coming up. Not that it makes any difference out here, but it's allways good to know that time flies and that you soon will be home. Need to start the usual routine of getting all the paperwork done for my back to back. I guess I will make it in time this trip as well. 

Look what I found! A never before posted pinhole photo from Ona once again. It's shot in the middle of the island, in between the houses cramped together to get room for them all. Mind you, this is a super wide angle view of it all, and not to be taken for reality! It's kewl tho :)

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  1. Sulesund looks amazing. And you have a cottage there?! I like mountains and I like sea - and you have both. And cameras and a good eye.

    1. Thanks Michael! Sulesund is a nice place for sure. I live only a 4 minutes drive away from the place, but it still looks so totally different from where I live. From home I see nothing, and from the cottage I wake up to this every day. Well, you know the weather is almost the same here as it is over at your bits, but you get it... It's a fantastic place no matter what the weather is like.


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